The coming antichrist

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  1. here it is! the first seed planted on the coming antichrist and alien deception - rememeber the catholic church is satans VEHICLE and lair and liar -- the antichrist is whom they prepare they way for in WWIII as well as advance his NWO - a hostile alien shall "war" with the antichrist, and shall "win" (they are on the same side!) - and aliens are mostly already here on earth and BENEATH it, as most are reptilains and draconians - ALL ALIENS are fallen angels and demons are the offspring of these and mortal women: LOOK: Before It's News
  2. This is all true, just like my penis is the reincarnation of the magic snake from the Adam and Eve story. I piss unholy water too.
  3. Are you retarted ?
  4. Before It's News
    - the black pope and satan really enjoy the hype and lies and chess game that ensues B4 WWIII - and all previous World Wars they have started -- remember, they control ALL sides - Iran - USAtan - Israel (ZIONISTS) - not TRUE JEWS --- satan and the poops pit their enemies against EACH OTHER - those are: JEWS - Americans and Middle Easterners --- which are the remaining threats to WORLDWIDE PAPAL RULE - which is what they seek ----- #1 NWO - #2 pave the way for antichrist ---- this is 1OO% TRUTH

    so Barry is so desperate to be - "re-elected" - that the Black Pope gave him the OK to have Israels ZIONISTS delay the start of WWIII - until AFTER the elections, so that OIL and gas wont skyrocket to $7 per gallon, just yet.... once he is in, IF he is not arrested as he should be for felony fraud on the fake birth certificate, as well as a PLOT to detonate nuclear weapons and make it look like a "terrorist" act at the SUPERB OWL - and for his participation in the CIAs "fast and furious" arms deal selling weapons to Mexican Drug Cartels ,and so forth --- he wil show his TRUE colors.... u think he is bad now, he will make look Hitler look like bambi if he remains in office of the USAtans shadow cabal govt -
  5. another demise move by the kenyan immigrant on orders from the black poop thru Biden the REAL "president" of the shadow govt cabal - the main catholic -- who like Soros and Kissinger are the black popes favorite... anyone else concerned about losing our Bill Of Rights and Constitution at the hands of a puppet immigrant??? -- chemtrails have you that dumbed out?? - Obama Set To Sign "Trespassing Bill" Ending Freedom Of Speech In America

    ‎#1 - Barry Soetero is NOT eligible for the USA presidency #2 - he was born in KENYA #3 - he is a Shiite Muslim and a Jesuit Coadjutor (part of the shadow govt that is ruining america and seeks worldwide papal rule, and ushering in of the NWO = Jesuit Order) #4 - he should be IMMEDIATELY IMPEACHED AND PROSECUTED #5 - he committed FELONY FRAUD by paying his attorneys, with OUR taxpayer dollars, 5.5 MILLION to produce that cut and paste, fraudulent birth certificate #6 - in the least he should be disallowed to RUIN for office yet again, and finish his orders per the Black Pope ( who is satans right hand man) - #7 - find the pure TRUTH on my FB page - Al Oranje --- even if you dont friend me, subscribe to my updates #8 - WWIII shall be provoked soon, as they wish to implement the NWO and prepare the way for antichrist #9 - the catholic church is diametrically opposed to God and Christ - YHWH and Yahusha (their TRUE Names) - #10 - all candidates are either NWO puppets and or coadjutors of the same papal jesuit -vatican body - even Ron Pohl, a free mason --- all elaborated and analyzed on my FB page ------ the catholic church and their jesuits are the revived Roman Empire --- google Jesuit Order and FEMA camps, or read my posts, I have saved you all the work........ do not accept the mark of the beast (catholicism and the papacy!) and keep the Sabbath Day Holy (as Commanded by YHWH) - and this is SATURDAY - the devil thru his catholic church changed it to SUNday....... the Jesuits have infiltrated America since 1815~ ---- and all world govts - religions - finances - who do you think owns the Federal Reserve???? and they control: MOSSAD - CIA- AL-CIADA - CFR - DEA - FBI - HAMAS - HEZBOLLAH - UN - NATO - NASA - so on so forth, they also created ISLAM and control the ZIONISTS who pose as JEWS , but are not.....the Jesuits started all world wars, created the fed reserve ponzi scheme and also started the civil war - riggesd the Titanic.....and HAARPed Japan multiple times as well as Haiti and many places and soon will attack with a 9.O plus the New Madrid Fault Line - - the TRUE Patriots shall oppose the shadow govt - as well as TRUE law enforcement and military --- they want TREASoN - TREACHERY - TRAITORS - WE want FREEDOM - LIBERTY - JUSTICE ---- whose side are U on???
  6. Damn....
    Your dealer must hook you up with some GOOD shit!
  7. Goddamned Antichrist......
  8. Time will tell :smoke:
  9. People might take you seriously if you organize your thoughts, quit capitalizing random words, use legit sources and stop making bad puns like black poop and USAtan. Way too biased, man.

    USA-tan sounds pretty moe though.
  10. See my point?
  11. Ron Paul = antichrist

  12. [​IMG]
  13. what is going on?

    are these sources even credible?
  14. noo.
    shit like this makes me not want to have children.
  15. Thanks for the link, makes not reading a jumbled mess of words, that you probably don't even believe, easier.

    Anyway, they took this way out of context. The Vatican astronomer said that he would love to baptize an alien, not that they're preparing to do it.. And that was awhile ago.
  16. Throw a whole bunch of conspiracy theories together and put them in a blender then you have this thread.

  17. Okaaay! I DEMAND answers!

    I just watched some shit about shit that scares me, all of this scares me. Fuck im scared.:eek:
  18. Dont cast your pearls before swine OP

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