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The comedown.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Cryzza, May 9, 2011.

  1. Hey all, is there any way in making a comedown from bud feel better?
    I smoked about 3 grams last night and I feel like shit no other word to describe it; tired, lazy, the worst.
    I also drank alcohol which increased the high and drunk feeling by double

    I've been smoking bud for over a year but started smoking around 4 times a week in the past few months.

  2. Smoke more weed is the only cure.
  3. maybe dont drink alcohol
  4. It was the alch bruh, and possibly lack of sleep. I don't feel bad after smoking bud, just a little hungry and drowsy. :smoke:
  5. I usually drink and smoke every weekend, and my hangover From alcohol doesn't last long. This is the second time it's happened after a big sesh, i did it in the space of 4 hours.

    The night before I drank and smoked and I woke up fine and worked 8 hours
  6. Hmmm I'll try not to drink next big sesh. Hahah Cheers guys
  7. either not drink or DRINK LESS.

    best bet is drink a beer or two MAX and then smoke...

    personally when i decide to drink AND smoke together all i ever have is one 12oz beer or 1 shot and it puts me in the perfect mood when you mix in a blunt/j/bowl with it. when i smoke i find that i need far less alcohol. besides i feel they complement each other well in the right ratios...just dont get sloppy drunk or the mj will feel like a waste.

    also try making sure you stay up on your vitamins and such. you'd be shocked with how good some extra nutrients make you feel (yay juicer!)
  8. Yeah I personally like the feeling of drinking and smoking.

    The comedown has happened to me before from smoking bud and nothing else but didn't last as long as the one I'm feeling atm.

    Also at the party and if anyone else have experienced this: how much does a strobe light trip you the fuck out? I mean I was staring into the light for 20 mins seeing all types of whack shit.
    As soon as a I saw that light flickering like crazy I instantly forgot what I was talking about and just looked into it. People came up to me and said "oi man are you alright?" a few times just shrugged them off. One of the most intense things that's happened while high for me.

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