the combo that is ecstasy and cocaine

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by TenMac, Sep 17, 2009.

  1. Okay its been a while since I have indulged in any of these drugs and had a blast but this weekend me and a buddy might .. well, indulge

    I've tried coke and E separately on their own and never together. I've been exposed to a lot of bad reviews on this combo; it kills your Ex high, you start to feel unpleasant and 'weird', bad jitters, yada yada etc.

    I want to know about this combo's effects so I dont waste my time and money when I could do just the coke or just the E for example.
  2. Not from personal experience, but I've heard its great. I've heard that coke+anything is pretty much better than just anything by itself. I have some acid and some coke... gotta get rid of em!
  3. if it's pure mdma i don't see the problem...but i would never mix coke with adulterated pills.

    i've never done it, so if i could guess it'd feel like a strong speedy roll, which is not my taste. I would rather experience rolling alone as it is a magical feeling. and would probably take adderall before coke if i was going to something like a rave. it lasts longer and i like it better imo.
  4. a line of good fishscale after coming down off a nice roll is like an orgasm
  5. Wow! I always thought that using coke while rolling would be shitty!
    Ill try it next time that both are available..
  6. after you start coming down
  7. yeah meth and coke would be a fucking horrible combo.
  8. I snorted a roll after my friend and I finished off a ball one morning, I threw up like 10 minutes later and fell asleep...

  9. Don't do coke while you're rolling. It really will just dampen your roll (and who would want to do that?!!?). Its nice to do some coke after you start coming down from your roll. It feels really good, and keeps you from being dropped back in sobriety/ eases the comedown, but wont mess with your actual roll.

  10. Will this make your hangover worse. I get edgy coming down off coke and sometimes E. If i end the roll with coke I'm assuming the next day I would feel twice as shitty?
  11. I've never done both at the same time, but I can't imagine either doing much of anything for the other. I could be wrong though..
  12. Only do coke after your roll wheres down, cause coke will kill a roll! I did like a gram one afternoon, then that evening I took two rolls, and nadda...
  13. Damn you really don't like your heart do you?
  14. That just sounds like an expensive combo. I'd just take the rolls and smoke pot on the comedown. Save the coke for when you're shithoused hammered.

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