The combination for tonight

Discussion in 'General' started by TeSupo, May 7, 2006.

  1. SWIM has never mixed these before but has taken both and knows a great deal of information on them so I am not inexperienced. Read a lot about mixing these two to be sure.


    17.5 Mg of Hydrocodne(vicodin)
    1 Mg Xanax
    very potent bud

    Feeling very euphoric right now.
  2. haha i have done that combo, but only once. i remember being really relaxed and carefree, having a great attitude about everything.

    but thats ALL i remember. that whole night was gone from my memory the next morning- i later found out that i went out to eat, drove my car (probably shouldnt have done that...), saw a some old friends.... oh well. at least it was fun
  3. That is def. a great combo. I like it especially with oxycodone and xanax

  4. I have percocets(oxycodone) as well but I decided to leave it out of the mix and use Vic's instead. oxy doesn't give me the warm fuzzy europic and I usually get angry and extremely short tempered at the end of it but not saying there bad, but both great.

    how does xanax hit you normally when taken alone, for me only .50 will get me good to the point where i start feeling heavy and can't really walk. when reading all those experiance reports on Erowid, I see soo many taking 3mg which would seem like a lot too me but maybe they have high tollerances.
  5. what does SWIM mean again? I remember that i knew what it was at one time....and i hated it.
  6. S-someone
  7. SWIM would rather not incriminate his self by posting his adventures with illegal substances or with production of these illegal substances SWIM has dreamt doing. Remember this is an open internet forum. Would you like to incriminate yourself?
  8. how do you have 17.5mg of hydrocodone? that doesnt add up. or is that just how much your taking? are those 5/325's
  9. damn, always forget that vics or horse pills
  10. two 5's and a 7.5

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