The colors are amazing

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  1. the plant is shedding its leaves turning first yellow then creeps with shades of red and purple and fall off. the problem is im almost 8weeks flowering. is it common to continue flowering despite the lack of leaves because i dont think 8wks will do it justice as it is sort of sativa looking
  2. It's normal to start yellowing at 8 weeks, but not too much if you have a month to go or so. How often have you been giving nutes? How do the trichs look?
  3. i figured it out thanks
  4. What did it end up being?
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    just plant aging its catching up in its cycle (more crystals a day every day)

    lol i mean yes it was just the plant getting closer to the end
  6. pics or it didnt happen
  7. then it aint happen.

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