The colony

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  1. Thoughts on this show.

    Excellent show. But unfortunately, highly staged, and not very realistic. For example,,,hot girl gets kidnapped....for ransom and nothing else..............and when they should be trying to master fishing for food, they got guys making a distillery, and working a smith?

    Bottom line, what you you REALLY do?
  2. oh man, I actually do watch this, or atleast i did for the first few weeks...i keep missing it. its SO FAKE, i mean cmon, these people are actors big time. it pisses me off bc they make things appear so easy and they sem to get whatever they need all the time. so hollywood.

    i think i keep watching just bc its funny to see how stupid it really is. half of america im sure buys into it.
  3. I tried to force myself to watch it.

    didnt last very long
  4. It's just impossible to create that realism feel to the show... coz... it's just not real.

    And even if it were real, I don't think people will behave like they do in the show.

    If I was a survivor, I would be moving around, not staying in one place.

    Sure, I might have a temporary place to rest, sleep... but my main point will be my mobility.
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    Oh it's totally not real, but I mean for a simulatation?

    How you gonna simulate it better? You can't have people horde guns, and fight to death for food like what might really happen....but within humane dose do a good job of predicicting how people will act.

    Simulated or can't just grab 10 people and say "Hey, build weapons, listen, this is basically end of the world UFC." I think some of you view it that way............

    For what they have, they did well. Glamourized....yeah, sure......hired a bunch of mechanically inclined people, and people who already had end of the world plans......but would you rather watch 10 average people figure it out? CAUSE THEY WOULD DO SO MUCH BETTER.
  6. Thx for moving my thread, didn't even notice there was a TV forum. Thx.
  7. good show but like u said it is way to staged to be realistic:rolleyes:
  8. As far as most countries go, this show just isn't possible.

    However... get a show like this going in Japan or something it might be reminiscent of battle royale :devious:
  9. If the world did come to an end and I was in the colony, I would have fucked somebody at least once.
  10. So fuckin staged it almost funny. :laughing:

  11. I don't think it does a good job of predicting how people will react at all, actually...

    I guess maybe it does a good job of showing how people will react when they're put on a reality TV show about reacting to a global disaster...

    All these people are entirely aware that they're on a reality show and being filmed 24/7. That totally eliminates any possibility of showing how any of them would actually react to a situation like that.

    I think it's a somewhat entertaining show, but like everyone else said, it's just too staged for my likings.
    I'm not saying there's any way to make a show like this that isn't staged, but I just see no point in watching a bunch of movie star wannabes trying to prove their acting skills on a Discovery channel reality show. :p

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