The College Bubble

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  1. Pretty lengthy article, I've selected the main points. Take the time to read the whole thing through and discuss afterwards. :smoking:

    The Higher-Education Bubble Has Popped by Doug French

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    college is a scam, it creates new idealized standards for people.
    People realize they cant get a job without an associates now (basically) and it is considered normal.

    Not everybody has the money to go to college, yet it is the new normal. My econ teacher in high school a few years ago said exactly whats happeneing.
    "The more people that think college is the only way to success reinforces people with college degrees to work in fast food or retail."

    This causes the great divide between us since high school diplomas arent normal, GEDs are horrid, dont even think of getting a job without either. Thats pretty accurate on the current thoughts of this nation.
  3. A lot of people go to college, get the degree, and then start looking for work. Not many people take an internship while in college in the field that they are getting their degree in, they normally work at Starbucks or some other place un-related. (Unless it's coffee sciences /sarcasm)

    So, if they were to actually do the work of getting an internship, meeting the people and getting their foot in the door. Maybe things would be different, and there wouldn't be this so-called "bubble"
  4. The math simply does not add up:

    Allowing government to hand out a loan to anyone that wants to attend college and reinforcing this belief that college is essential for the past 30 plus years has created an artificial surplus of college students, causing tuition and other related expenses to soar through the roof. Pair this with the fact that the labor market falls way short of available positions in high paying institutions for all these newly graduated students.

    Artificial demand (easy credit), otherwise known as a bubble. This is NOT to say that no one can receive a high paying job that goes to college, but the percentage figures are tilting further towards more individuals having to accept lower-paying jobs (overqualified) because of a lack of higher paying jobs being available.

    The colleges become rich, you are further indebted by loans you cannot afford to pay back, and now must accept a job(s) that pays a fraction of what you were hoping your degree would bring you. :smoking:

    To summarize: Cheap credit issued by the government creates artificial demand, prices go up, and when the breaking point reaches where the majority of graduates cannot find a career with sufficient pay, the value of the degree plummets, yet you (the student) still must repay the student loans that were issued when the degree was valued much higher during the boom.
  5. @xmaspoo
    I believe we have found a subject we can agree on!
    that's a pretty spot-on assessment
  6. idiotic.
    Good luck trying to be a successful doctor without going to college.
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    its not all about money. Get large profit for what you do out of your head, its whats destroying America.

    Under Paul, we will make much less money, BUT we will live more comfortably for doing easier work.

    Remember Paul also wants to cut entitelments to illegals.
    NO health care. NO public school, NO welfare, NO free public lawyers, and much much more. Nothing to entice illegals to come over anymore.

    Reason #9674213 why Paul will fix America, send illegals packing=more jobs for Americans.

  8. what the fuck does any of this have to do with anything?
    are you saying it's wrong to be a doctor because they make money?
  9. What does this have to do with anything?

    The OP is talking about the price of education, he didn't say a Phd is worthless.
  10. It's wrong to be a doctor for the money alone.
  11. yeah i think the basic idea is that the more people that think college is necessary floods the field with college grads, making it less special and the equivalent of a high school diploma in a way
  12. Face it, there is no other candidate worth voting for. Cutting entitlements to illegals is the one thing NO other candidate will EVER bring up. It will free up BILLIONS of dollars and create a higher standard of living. If you cant accept that, you are an idiot.

  13. Would you even want a doctor who didn't go to medical school?

  14. Why? BTW....who are you to judge someones motives?
  15. There is no bubble for engineers, scientists, math, medical degrees, etc..

    But yeah if you get an Art History degree you might have trouble getting a good paying job with that...

    It's also time to start emphasizing trades. Look guys, college was never meant for everyone in the first place. The "college bubble" is just a reflection of that reality. It also didn't help that the Fed promised (and still does) college loans to everyone who applies. What a recipe for disaster...

  16. obviously not. That's the point I was making.

    This is true for a lot of people, but even someone getting an art history degree, if they play their cards right, can use that to become a professor or work for a museum, something along those lines. The problem isn't that college itself isn't helping people anymore, it's that people aren't using it right. People go in with the idea that getting any degree will get them a job, without really considering what their options after graduation are.
  17. Pretty much.
    When i was back in school working on my Chem degrees, i asked a business major wht she planned on doing after school. She just gave me a blank look, then said "umm, find a job I guess?"
  18. Oh I get it. You're talking about idiots. Yeah I could see idiots doing that..

    Only in America... Time to wake up...
  19. wow, and to think I quit my waitressing (avg $80 - 150 a night) to begin college full time. fuck that.
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    true. you gotta think, where does your money go? what do you spend your money on frequently?

    taxes, medical bills.. food? people gotta eat, right? and americas big on eating, we're a pretty large nation. theres an industry that wont run out of job placements. ( whos broke? jobless? Mcdonalds isnt. )
    ive read figures, watched documentaries, they all cite real stories and testimonies about average everyday people freely admitting to eating out 5-7 days a week, few actually prepare foods at home. and that doesnt include eating prepackaged foods you store in your fridge when KFCs closed.
    americas always going to eat, going to be mindless and lazy making fastfood industries insanely wealthy WHILE making themselves more sickly, fat, and unhealthy, furthering the costs of their medical expenses to pay for their self induced ailments.

    sorry this is kind of a rant here. but i dont blame most college students for going in to something they enjoy, its just nowadays most people dont have the time, or focus, to enjoy performing arts, or invest in liberal studies ( seriously wtf are you going to do with that? )
    where are the jobs heading? I think (and anyone can correct me on this) most employments are based on more controlling agendas. by looking around, people are getting into jobs where theres "security" well the only thing you can be sure, and secure about, is a thing that no matter what will always collect revenue.... governemnt, law enforcement, taxes.. security? medical profession? people will always, need to be "taken care of" and since the goverment is taking over health care, i guess theres secuirty in that too. but they're taking care, of everything. too much help, is too much help. people may not see it now, but with the rising number of people entering college to complete an associates or bachelors in the medical field, will be working for the government,.. so no matter how bright you are, you will always be just an equivalent next to another doctor. and what happens when the government, is lets say.. running out of money? runnig up their credit bill? they've already put out there that jobs in medical field will be needed more than ever before in the upcoming years. what for? and what will you be paid exactly? not the average figure reported 5 years ago. income will be dispensed minimally, they wont be able to afford what your worth, (because worth is relative on the time and needs of a society), and the exclusivity of good health coverage will fade into transparency when everyone is held to the same bar... and all drive for competition=nonexistant, and higher salaries based on talent, will be gone. so kiss that price of selfworth goodbye, because we;ll all be playing in the same ballpark.

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