The coffee bubbler cloning tutorial

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  1. Let's call this the Folgers can coffee bubbler.
    This will be a tutorial for those of you that might be having problems with the cloning process. There are many ways to accomplish this, and this is only my way, if you pick up something here, pass it on to your friends. You will become their Hero!
    I'm NOT an expert here but I want to share what was learned in my cloning journey. You may have seen this before as this is not my invention.
    First off, I tried the gel called rootone I think it was, but with not much success. I tried a small necked bottle with straight tap water that was gassed, meaning at least 24 hours passed before it was used to allow the chlorine to leave the water, which worked about 60 percent of the time. Then while reading on our old Overgrow site, I came upon a picture of a Folgers can. It was one of the new ones that are made of plastic with the snap on lid; it had 5 or 6 holes about 1/2 inch diameter. One hole was in the middle and the remaining were evenly spaced around the rest of the lid. A small hole is drilled at the top of the containers wall. This hole is for an aquarium hose and is purposely undersized for a water tight fit between the hole and the air hose that will pass through it. Using the smallest air pump and an air stone, the plastic porous kind that can be drilled out to make bigger bubbles, it was almost done. I only then needed to cut with sharp scissors, small squares of foam, about ¾ inch which were then cut from an outside edge to the center. Imagine a square Packman without his mouth open. That's the area where the stem is placed.
    So to wrap it up, the clone is cut at a 45 degree angle with a SHARP xacto blade. This angle is done to increase the surface area of the cut. Some people scrape about 1/4 inch of the lower part of the stem to increase this open wound surface area even more but I have not experimented with that as yet. I then add my water not quite to that hole in the side wall to ensure no water leakage, put in my clone, plug in the small air pump and 7 to 10 days later, you will see little white things in your cut zone. They will be the future roots. This works 100% not bullshit. I don't have to cover with a dome although I found a glass one but found it wasn't absolutely necessary. Clones will turn lighter shades of green as they develop. This is natural because the plant is using its inner resources to push out the roots. The energy has to come from somewhere. It's only after there are real roots showing, small ones that I add a WEAK solution of nutrients. I have posted the original picture that gave me this idea. I also built another top with just one hole to create one clone at a time. I keep a mother at all times. That's the only way to go and have learned it's a good idea to keep a smaller backup of her too should any problems arise.

    p.s. early on, clones don't need much light, they are infants after all and don't have the root system resources to process all that energy. I also use R/O water but you could get by with tap water left out to evaporate the chlorine. Change the water out every now and then.

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    Had problems with the pics. This one is mine, not the origional.
    I added a chef's thermometer just to keep tabs on the water temp.
    Cooler temps= happier roots! Clone on, VP

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  3. so its like a small bubble bucket? but for cloning? Nice idea do you have any more pics? Like the iside of it and one with clone in it?
  4. I have a pic with a clone it but for some reason GC won't let me post the same pic twice, even though I tried to change the name. But this is mega simple, the stalk just sits about an inch and a half under the lid and if you don't let the water level go down too much this will work every time. Any body if you have q's just ask, I will check this thread from time to time. Happy cloning! V
  5. very interesting idea.... you can copy the pic from the other post and then paste it over here, thats how I usually do that
  6. Damm that was easy, hope this works! V

    Just keep the bubbles going and the best part is, you can take the top off now and then and watch the progress as you successfully duplicate your favorite plant. V
  7. This is the very same plant 22 days into flower. Generally I'll just start a clone long before I need to put it in my scrogbox so it's root system is ready to go when I am. The bubbler will keep it alive for as long as required. V

  8. that's pretty cool. i had that same thought, turning the coffe containers into something usefull rather than land fill.

    are you planning the full grow in it or just the cloning step? i was thinking they would work well for confined spaces. they would probably support a 2ft'ish plant
  9. The full grow is in the post above yours, I hav'nt tried it yet but those coffee cans come in a taller size too, only thing is the hole in the lid whoud have to be bigger than I'm showing cause main stalks can get pretty big around in the end. V
  10. Last bump, Just so everybody gets a chance to see this. Try it and ask questions if ya'll have any. Helping new folks is part of the fun! V
  11. one more time for the new guys
  12. smart smart!!! gonna check this out see if i cant grow a whole plant in a coffee can lol

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