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  1. Hello welcome to the second grow journal. They not germd yet but seeds are on the way. Last time was the learning process and a what a wonderful accomplishment it was. So to recap the technical info this will be in a 48x48x80 running six 3gal smart pots. I will be running soil again ffof and ffhf 50/50 with 20% vigoro perlite. Fox farm trio of nutes along with calmag with the addition of silica blast to help with the supercropping to come. All strains are sativa doms humbolt and dutch passion genetics. This time around will be 2 blue dream 2 purple train wreck and 2 power plant. I got a few fem freebies but they will go to my second farm in about 10 weeks. Running hps/mh with a xl cool tube reflector 1000w on super lumes. This time might run a blumat maxi drip system after veg but im going to run a shorter veg this time right at 5 weeks. Might be upgrading my inline fan to a higher cfm but alot of the heat comes only from the hps when im in flower. Im sticking with what i know works topping super cropping and defoliating. Tomatoe cages will be added before flower flip and im considering seriously a drain table. If any pros have some ideas to make this a lil easier than last run tips are welcome.
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  2. If you didn't plan on it already, make sure to try out LST
  3. I believe in hst makes the plant stronger and perform. I only lst if i cant supercrop a branch
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  4. It's simply a good practice to LST. You get the most control over what your plants do and how much they yield.
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  5. Not gonna miss out this time. Subbing up early. I want a front row seat.
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  6. Subbed!

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  7. So my other setup is no more had to shut down but the one that got away came back with 2 wks in flower soooo im delayed i got all my seeds for next run but cant start pics soon
  8. Ok ladys we are live now. Got 12 plants starting already germd waiting to pop out. I use the soak in water for 18 hrs method half already tapd out. Will be puting em under a lamp today or ill just raise the hood to the ceiling and run lowest watts. Powerplant blue dream purple train wreck are 9 of em other 3 are random femd bonus think theres a lemon kush and some others. Last seasons almost gone got about 8 oz left. For this run im set on 3 gal smart pots same soil ffof n happy. This time im running a 5wk veg on a 24hr schedule. Harvest will be kinda different this time due to so many plants with varying genetics all but 2 are sativa doms. Two setups under 1000w hps in 48x48 tents. Not gonna use co2 bags dont think they changed much. Gonna run molasses the whole time once they are a few weeks old. Ff nutes and cal mag is about all might go with some silica blast so i can supercrop up to two weeks in flower. Yes we are gonna top and beat the shit outa em they seem to like the abuse. More foliar feeding this time along with autowatering spikes in flower. Stay tuned we gonna have some pretty girls this time around.
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  9. Came home and half popped their heads out definitely faster germ than last time majority's blue dream and powerplant sound geneyics with these babys dutch passion power plant Humboldt blue dream. 1504207923446.jpg
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  10. I just soak em for a day at room temp above the fridge then drop em right in to light fluffy soil that cooked for a day also then just drop em in cover up with plastic wrap wait 2 days max and boom lil sprouts remove plastic when they break the surface im at 10 out of 12 on day 3
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  11. Room temp 77 degrees on 400 watts mh on ceiling carbon filter off.
  12. Pictures for new followers most of you know my setup [​IMG][​IMG]
  13. Subbed. Good luck with the grow!


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  14. Woke up to find they all germd some still are wearing hats but ill take em off later today. Not bad method to germ when you get 100% rate
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