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The Clippy Bottle

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by fuzzninja, May 13, 2010.

  1. Hey everyone i just thought it would be good to post this here because everyone always asks about what to do with leftover roaches. Around here we use a clippy bottle when we smoke so you don't have a roach (you just smoke the entire blunt).


    Don't smoke it when the blunt gets really small and close to the plastic.
  2. Sorry, but I'd much rather use this
  3. Around here we put them in glass pieces and smoke them...
  4. I do that sometimes. But sometimes i'm so high I forget to cover the other hole.
  5. Never heard of anything like that. I have heard of finishing them in a bong though.
  6. Doesn't that defeat the purpose of a blunt?
    You're basically just smoking a pipe.
  7. :rolleyes:exactly my thoughts.
  8. lol. When I have a blunt or a joint it's usually ~on the go~ and when it gets too small to hold with my fingers I use a pair of tweezers and though it gets really hot I can tolerate it and smoke a blunt down to a really low point.
  9. Just don't pack weed in the bottom part of the joint, leave that room for tobacco.
    You won't waste weed then, and you won't have to burn yourself.

  10. Not everyone has access to a bowl 24/7, smartass.
  11. Looks like the plastic could get hot pretty quick once it starts getting down there.

    Id just get a metal tube about the size of a blunt and stuff it in there, or better yet what I found makes a good roach clip is one of these depth finders for fishing.


    You can get them for 99 cent so get a few of them, and police would never suspect anything.

  12. wow i never would have thought of that

    they even say hot spot lol
  13. Haha, hot spot, I didn't notice that.
  14. Were you baked when you drew this?
    I want the shit you're smoking!
  15. Or you could take an extra two seconds and put in a socket, and put the roach weed in there. Or else ones you get down to the roach youre going to be burning plastic so whats the point? That or make a nice sized filter when you roll, then you wont have any problem

  16. The clippy bottle gets you high as fuck. Also, the plastic doesnt really burn, only when you make the hole(s) with a lighter.
  17. I'm no expert but I still wouldn't use it... Blunt smoke runs hot as hell even when you first light it which is why you can't inhale as much at a time as you would a pipe or bong, when it starts getting down below half or a quarter the smokes gonna be even hotter, and there isn't any water filtration like normal homemade plastic bongs, you might not see plastic burning but it doesn't mean you arn't inhaling plastic vapors.
  18. around here we just save all the roaches, once you get enough of them we break them down and have either a resin bowl, resin joint, or a resin blunt. the most recent one was a 1.8g resin blunt. :smoking:

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