The Classiest Looking Portable That I Have Ever Seen

Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by lwien, Jan 9, 2013.

  1. damn dude.... thats pretty fucking classy

    sure to make a wallet lighter as well hahaha
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    Wow! Looks great. Psyched to see that there will be yet another competitor in the portable vape market soon.
  3. Hmmm thats nifty lookin right there
  4. Any other news on it? That looks great!
  5. i think they literally just announced it... the thread about it on FC (center of all information vape related lol) was created today

    the website for it has absolutely no more info on it than the image here has... im very interested how it works haha
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    The wood finish is teh sex. :p

    I was sold on getting a Solo this spring, but looks like a new contender has emerged!
  7. The design just looks like it was made to slide in and out of your pocket REALLY easily.

    Looks more like a lighter than a vaporizer.
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    Yeah it looks really stealthy, smaller than the Solo. I'm assuming no stem is needed since it's not pictured. If the price is right I fucking want it :smoking:
  9. Weird. Reminds me of the old Motorola Pebble from years ago.

  10. If it performs as well as it looks, we my have a winner with this one. I
  11. Doesn't look it the way the shape is made, looks like it is made to put to your mouth directly
  12. It's not gonna be cheap. The design and the manufacturing of that design and the limited production run that is mandated by the small niche vaporizing market will require a pretty high price point. If I had to guess, I would think it would be in excess of 250 and would probably be in the 350 ballpark, maybe even higher.
  13. I know what I'm going to be saving up for. That thing is sexy.
  14. Looks pretty damn cool

    I'd guess the same, $250 at a minimum, atleast $300 when it comes out
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    By davinci? I'll be one of the first to have one with boasts like that ad!!!

    I like the look but am more into the features/functionality of the thing. If it produces vape as good as my solo or better than I'm sold hand down. I just always cringe at manufacturers claim of battery life. Is that on it's lowest setting, used in a hot room, waiting 30-45 seconds in between hits or what? :confused:

    I'm saying most electronic items fall short with actual average usage v. stated claims. Even the solo.

    If I got 2.5 hours of quality vape out of this thing using it the way I like I'd be happy given the size, led screen and looks. Hopefully <$350

    I'd get the woodgrain hands down
  16. Fck yea I forgot to mention this in my DaVinci thread..can't wait !!
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  18. Damn, he said that it works on conduction. That, for me, is a deal breaker.
  19. Yep. Sounds like another pax.

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