The civil war doesnt apply to me

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  1. Due to the fact I live in California I see how the Civil War doesn't really apply to me.... Or does it. I'm pretty high but I'm pretty sure it was caught more so in the east and central US. As far as California is concerned Native Americans roamed the land. Or not. But maybe I'm right and if so, boom. If not. I'm sorry. Faded after 4 day sober Jesuit Christian retreat. Chillin wit my cat and Atmos bueno
  2. It does apply to you. You would have slaves right now to wipe your ass and cook your dinner if the south had won.
    So basically it fucked you over. (no offense to any black people)
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    Anytime I see something race related with ignorance I must speak... So, you are saying just because slaves aren't around anymore, this guy got "fucked over"? How is that so? It's a good thing not to be fucked over and have slavery still in place to cater to lazy ass people and dehumanize human beings? Blacks weren't the only slaves. You also had Native Americans that were slaves so you might as well say in your words from your post, "(no offense to Native Americans as well)"..Hell, they were the ones that had their land taken from them and blacks were taken from their homelands by force. MILLIONS of them which is why it took hundreds of years for descendants to ever know where they truly came from. I don't even know for sure, but I will soon with DNA testing. Yes, blacks had a role as well, but as Europeans gained all the control of slavery, it went downhill from there where imperialism to degrade any other race/way of life besides Europeans reigned. You see how shallow that sounds when you say that he got "fucked over"? Best believe that I will call anyone out when I see fit.
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    In regards to OP, the Civil War had a lot to deal with how the U.S. would form in the coming years afterwards in many different ways. It also started a chain reaction of many other races being able to immigrate to the United States and women having more rights. I am sure if the Civil War wasn't successful for the Union, the U.S. wouldn't be as diverse as it is today and might of even been a disaster as that of the Nazi Regime. Plenty to read as AlphaOmega420 stated.
  5. All history all over applys to you. It all culminates to what is now, and without keeping an eye on events past we would be repeating shit all the time. 
    even if the south won 
    slavery would be illegal by now
    it's inevitable
  7. WW2 doesn't apply to me.... I don't live in EuropeSent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum
  8. The war in Iraq doesn't apply to me, i dont live in IraqSent from my Prism using Grasscity Forum mobile app
  9. let's blow up the sun.
    we don't live on that POS
  10. Nuclear bombings don't apply to me.
  11. Breathing doesn't apply to me, I'm a god.
    WAIT fuhhhhh
  12. Wow... As a fellow Californian, I must say thats a dumb ass way to look at your history my brother.. It ALL effects YOU.
  13. [quote name="newbgrow" post="19446561" timestamp="1391258152"]All history all over applys to you. It all culminates to what is now, and without keeping an eye on events past we would be repeating shit all the time. [/quote]True but it doesn't help. We as humans never learn and fuck things up all the time. But that's what being a human is all about.
  14. It helps a great deal, but the overall success of avoiding repeated mistakes is woefully short falling of our potential.  We humans are fucking insane.
  15. I think it's high time for another civil war.
  16. What were your ancestors doing at the time? That's the only way I can see it applying to you. Mine were all in Europe so it doesn't apply to me. 
  17. Thanks for all the sarcasm. Figured you guys would understand what being high is like and having ideas your unsure of... Appreciate it!!1!! But actually thanks to those who posted links and explanationsbueno
    I feel ya man, I get strange ass thoughts all the time when I'm baked.
    For the internet though, you gotta take an extra second to consider shit though, if you don't want sarcasm and whatnot.
  19. So then we can just have legitimate discussions and intellectual discourse?
    What does this look like, the comment section of Forbes?  :rolleyes:
    We all rag on each other at some point.
    We're just having fun. Peace my brotha. I love you with all my heart.  :smoke:  :gc_rocks:

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