The city without cops :)

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by i420, Feb 15, 2009.

  1. :wave: Hi.

    I forgot the thing i was going to say ( guess why)... so well Hi. :smoking:
  2. i bet i live in a smaller town that you do.
  3. My town has less then 2500 people... and the majority of them our over 60

    We don't have our own high school but my children go to a public elementary school with only <180 students... and its Pre-k through eighth grad
  4. oh fuck!

    im in a 16k+ town.
    We got a high school and a community college.

    does the whole town smoke?
  5. 1,000,000+

    Damn it sucks living in a big city.......

    especcially with the most amount of cops in a city!!
  6. same with me 1 million + sucks in the city.
  7. No cops? I'd smoke a few grams and go straight for the nearest KFC, eat everything in sight :D
  8. Welcome to GC! :wave:


    Big cities are the shit!!! There's nothing to do in small towns 'cept smoke and watch the grass grow... Or for a real thrill you can go knock over some sleeping cows, lol... Or get drunk as shit... Not my idea of a good time :)
  9. We always want what we dont have....

    **HIGH** off this dank right now!
  10. Werd... I know what ya mean :)

    Sometimes I would like to live in the country for a while... But I'm too much of a city person. I live for the hustle and bustle, and the night life is where it's at!

    My ideal residence would be just outside Philly a bit... Where there's some space between the houses, but where it's still drivable to get to the city. Perfect combination of the 2, imo :)

    And yeah, I just got done burnin a dank bubbler, myself :D :bongin:

  11. We got about 1500 People, no fire, police, hospital or nothing. Just a "drug free" HIGH school...

    Tiny, but it seems like everyone is smokin or sellin :D :smoking:
  12. welcome to the city

    live near a college town, mad cops, but they only go after college kids. a non student can get a pass from them about almost anything.

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