The Cinquefoil

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    This plant is a dick. I don't mean literally, because the only plant that is (practically) a literal a dick is Amorphophallus titans, because its taxonomic description translates directly to "Giant, shapeless penis." It's taller than a person and smelly.
    No, a cinquefoil is a flower that looks uncannily like hemp - 
    It's related to roses and strawberries, but not cannabis. It's name translates from French as "Five leaf," and it can have between five and seven leaflets on each leaf that are shaped pretty similar to an indica, though they're wider at the tips.
    And it grows everywhere. 
    My dad has a huge one growing behind his rose bushes.
    Now, you may or may not wonder why I call this plant a dick. Either way, I'm prepared to say why;
    As a person in constant pain, and as a person who'd rather not drink to alleviate said pain, seeing this fake hemp plant all over the damn place is maddening. I don't have any of my own, and I worry of consequences in trying to get it.
    Not to say the plant isn't pretty in its own right - it blooms with gorgeous yellow flowers that don't smell half bad.
    And why it looks like hemp? It's guessed that the reason cannabis has cannabinoids is due to a need to defend itself against grazers. I remember reading somewhere that eating wet cannabis gives a stomach ache. So, because of this, it would make sense that a plant looking like hemp would have a survival advantage because whatever animals know of it would steer clear. It seems to have worked, too, considering cinquefoil is a rather prolific and invasive species of plant.
    EDIT: Well now I feel dumb. I walked around to compare this plant to the ones growing all around, and it seems it's both too big to be a cinquefoil and also not in bloom. Now I'm upset for a different reason.
    EDIT2: Better mood now. It's a sulphur cinquefoil - most of the others around here are a different species. This is quite hairy, which I didn't take note of before.


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