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    here are some helpful pictures- i have been growing for 5 years. once a year for the past 5. each time i have gotten better, more knowledgeable and continue to learn every time.

    THis thread is to show people everyone starts out somewhere and eventually gets to where they wanna be! dont ever give up- its all for the love and experience of plant and personal growth

    this is an example of what NOT to do!

    1st grow- i bought a single hydro kit from the internet and explored the world of growing for my first time. i wasn't that serious- i did not do any research- i just jumped in and took a chance- you can see that the plant only lasted about 1 month and then it died. showing good examples of what to do-

    it was way to hot, i did not circulate air- i did not confine the grow space- i had no idea what the temp was, no clue if the water was the correct nutrience- it was a mess but i still tried

    light: floresent bulb
    medium: hydro
    seeds: no clue

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    here is my second grow season the next year:

    i got a little more complex- i chose hydro again- and i designed my own set up which i saw on the internet- it worked pretty good-

    still inexperienced. this time i used :

    -nutrient chart

    -distilled water

    - enclosed room

    -fan to suck air from door

    -2 100 watt hps light bulbs- no enclosed

    - very basic and amateur

    but still produced buds- probably most like anyone who grows for the first time

    ****yielding 2 ounces or more of dry budz****

    dried in an attic from strings with no control over moisture- big mistake!
    from to wet to from too dry way to fast- no flavor and just chrunchy- lost all the quality right there-

    curing of the buds is a key key aspect of pot growing-

    i break it down like this-


    i finally got some!!!!! worth every second and a total learning experience- this required tools and a lot of care and patients

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    ok everyone here is where i get real in depth. the other seasons are just some things Ive done as a complete amateur and working towards the goal of plant efficiency.

    if you wanna see some creative grow ideas here are some-

    light:normal fish tank t8 florescent and a 400 watt hps

    medium: hydro with rock and grow cubes

    length of of total grow was 14-16 weeks

    this first- i started my grow season in a closet at my apartment-

    first off- in an apartment hydro can be very dangerous to property!!!!!!! so if you live in an apartment i do not suggest you grow with hydro- and if so make sure your not on the top level- and that you remove the carpet/ and or put down a solid foundation for water spills-

    as you can see here i constructed a simple water system going from the tubes to the gas tanks i used below- i do not suggest using the gas tank as a water tank- i would use a container you can fit the pump into- as i needed to cut the tank to stick in the pump and then plastic weld it back together- which leaks!!!!! do not do this- i suggest something with the larges lid/access as possible-

    second- i created a custom built support system to hold up the tubes- this caused a problem due to 2 facts

    A- the room was very small- i ended up wanted to move it to more space and thank god i did!!@@!! - you'll see why in the next post

    B- i couldn't move it out of the room with out shaking the crap out of the plants in the process- it sucked cause me a lot of agony!

    what it did do positive for me was allow my pipes and lines to be ran in a good organization and provided structural strength cause water weighs a lot more then the plants- when pipes are full!


    i incubated my plants in paper towel first
    then i moved the little guys into the rock wool grow cubes.
    from there i put them into a 2 gallon fish tank i bought for 10 bucks from the store- i felt this was the best idea i have had- but a nice Tupperware will work great 2- i used saran rap to cover it because it released heat from the light very well- as well as letting the light go thru easily. the tank provided a solid control over the environment as i left it in bathroom- showering with the lid open keep it nice and most- almost all the moisture need to keep them damp- but i may not suggest this due to mildew can easily get in- but its all in the experience check it out

    after that i put them directly in to the system.
    as you can see i bought a 400 watt hps light with a inline enclosed casing- with a inline fan sucking air out of the the room into the light to cool it to about 100 degrees and directly into the attic- also i keep the ballast for the light in the attic because it produces a shit ton of heat-

    if you don't have a digital ballasts it can get very hot over heating the room at times along with the lamp- and there is no way to cool the ballast it was made of thick steel and held heat like stone- damn!

    the fan was put into the attic about 20 feet from the grow room attached to the a brace in the attic- same with the ballast i huge from chains- this cut the noise level down to 0- i swear-
    ****smartest 2 things i ever did**** if you have a closet grow room- keep everything out of the room that in not necessary - it is so important- everything and anything can cause the room to change. all i had was the light in there- and some wires. even the fan engine gives off heat just adding a few degrees- keep it out if you can!

    the light fan not only was cooled by the fan from the inline tube- but it seconds as the rooms exhaust. 2 birds 1 stone- good cheap way to roll cause fans ant cheap!

    you can see how nice and bushy my plants were in the system- i kept nutrients way down for a few weeks to ensure no burning or over feeding- it was worth the risk in the end

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  4. heres what the plants looked like after a few weeks and were ready to go into a another grow room cause the room i chose was way to small for these guys- room was 3 feet wide by 6 feeet long. not good for this type of plant- you';lll see why later

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  5. now for the big move!

    i move the plants into a specialized grow tent- i have never seen anyone do this before- i just came up with this idea on my own- i figured that the biggest problem with closet growing is access to the plants and access to exhaust and wiring- and all that crap- its a pain in the ass to crawl in the attic- and its a hassle to put holes in your walls- so this basically was an idea derived by conveinece for a grower- i wanted complete access to my plants from every angle inclusing above and below and all sides

    if i every had an isure i could cut directly thru the visqueen and just fix shit- no problem, also i could place fans vents and suport strings very easily- just remove a wall.

    this is a great idea if y have a extra room- but small amout of plants- its too hard to control an environment of a whole huge 12x 12 room when you only need 6x4 of space-

    using a whole room is a waste of resources~!!!!!!! more space meens you need more moisture- more air to move around- more mor more! plus smaller room made it easy to reflect light- and containt tempretures-

    if you disagree thats grea-t- but the idea worked well.

    secondly you can do this in your own bed room and you can still run the ballest and fans into an attic or into another room easy to cut noice down- i did that- no problem- alsot i just wired everyting right in to my lightfixture on the ceileing with a circut breaker just incase

    first i built a box made from 1.5x.5 thick wood- cheap as shit- and light weight- 2x4 is way to much but is fine- i didnt want to hull that shit- and it wasnt needed- i got a nail gun***** good idea to have a nail gone- hammering misshaped stuff and causes alot of noise for correction and addtions. sounds like construction- the airgun i quick easy and painless- and you can fire 100 nails if you just think it aint strong enough- also nailing cracks the woods all the time causeing stress fractures and insteabilitie.

    next i layed down many layers of plastic to protect the floor and nailed it to he bottom. then rapped the box up with clear plastic tarp. this was the first layer- basically sealing off the box like wrapping paper. used duct tape to seam parts together if needed.

    from here i cut a nice dooor from me to access the tent!
    then i huge the light from chains connect to the infrastructure of the tent- i used some nice light weight chance that i conned to the light by hooks so i could change the hight easily- very important- plants can grow 6 incehs in a few days. depends on the straind

    i then had the ability to cut hole in the plastic to place vents for tubing and wiries which all came down from the top- very easy very conveinent. just makes life easy to just stand on a chair and access the lid- damn

    once the air system was up and light up- then all i had to do was put in the hydro system- bought um right through my door and set down the rack- simply done- easiest grow room ive set up ever! took less then 1 day- good for a quickmove-

    ps- i did attach one side of the to the wall just in case someone happend to crashed the tent or i pushed on the wall to much- the more support the better-

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  6. here are the pics after id say about 8 weeks fully changed light cycles and what not- 12/12 with fans on and off day/night- this set up in the tent has a sepereate fan for the room and one for light so CO2 productions would say in the room- which i did you a beer yeist to product in a 5 gallon jug which i dont know if it worked but still tryeid.

    just followed the cycles i foudn on the basic internet sites


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  7. more first bud pics

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    yo what up bro? glad to see you are making your self right at home here at GC. its cool your putting up all your old pics and stuff. it will be really helpful to first time growers around here.

    its amazing that you have come all this way with little help from others. now that your on GC i have a feeling your grows will become exponentially better.:hello:

    keep the updates coming and throw some pics of the seedlings up when youre ready!

    looking good man.



    p.s. - check out the link in my signature for my grow. you'll be stoked!!! let me know what you think.
  9. here are a few weeks later- you gonna liek the rest-

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    here are the buds a week or two before i cut um down-
    to be completely honest- all id did was mix the nutrients for the past 5 weeks according to the basic rules and put them in separate containers. i never was in town for one second of the flowering stage and my roommate who had no idea what to do just added the chems to the water according to my recommendations and they just grew on their one

    in my personal opinion- no need to do shit beyond flowering the strength and nurturing you give the plants from babies thru vegging -totally shows in the flowers. any one who wants to ague can suck it- cause i didn't do anything from the flowering stage to end but sit back and dream of budz budz budz

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  11. nite shots

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    to be completely honest the most important part of a plants life is compared to a human beings.

    if you care more for the plant when its basically nothing to show for, then it will grow to be big and strong.

    if you care less of the plant cause its nothing at the beginning and you care more for it when it starts to bud when it has something you want- your turns out shit's.

    once the plant starts to bud it starts it dieing phase of life- in my opinion- the plant is trying to protect itself and reproduce- thus the buds are created. flowing is part of reproductive cycle and marijuana plants that drop seeds and die- they do not grow back again- i think its call a annual plant- not a perennial!

    the babies and veg stage are what makes the Hercules. you want them to grow up to be big and strong girls! proper nurturing- and nature takes its own course

    as i said in the last post- i did basically nothing after the veg stage the plants basically absorbed sun and o2/co2 and flowered and i cut um and cured um, they were great smelling nugs grapefruit smelling very light burning and were AAA great first grow of actual buds-

    take care of your babies and i promise you will see great results,

    I AM A TOTAL AMATUER_ NEVER READ A THING BUT FOLLOWED THE INSTINCTS OF a good parent! FLOWING THE CYCLES OF THE EARTH AND ITS ENVIRONMENT. grow the babies as they were to grow up to be champions cannibus cup winners, and you will get 50% buds minimum- no need for CO2 implants- no need for special equipment
    just follow 5 rules of the earth

    water- needed - nothing can prosper with out it
    sun- proper lighting got have the correct cycles and power
    earth- proper dirt or medium- good nutrient
    wind- good air flow in/out take gotta have it
    fire- control the temperature and moisture!!!!!!!!!!!!!! key to curing and my growing process.

    i never used anything other the these 5 basic principals- never read a book

    this yield was from 5 plants i got 14 ounces of dry bud- which is almost 3 ounces per plant dry- no problem- just followed the first few experiences got it on the 4th try. i know everyone can do this- just follow the 5 principals above i promise you will yield more 1 ounce a plant which is 25% possible yield on average- most plants put out about 4 ounces for a pro- i got 3 and it was only my 4th try. maybe it was just luck?

    but the evidence is below.

    consistency is key- you must continue a constant environment- replicate the earth and learn from your mistakes. check out my next grows- they trump this by x2 and i has half as many plants- and i used an even simpler approach with dirt and an 200 dollar balance- you'll like what you see i promise-

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  13. more nugs:hello::hello::hello::hello::hello::hello::hello::hello::hello::hello::hello::hello::hello::hello::hello::D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D;););););):devious::devious::devious::p:p:p:p:p:wave::wave::wave::wave::wave::wave::wave:see ya next session

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  14. :hello::hello::hello::hello::hello::hello::hello::hello::hello::hello::hello::hello::hello::hello::hello::hello::hello::hello::hello::hello:

    thanks to BURNING GREEN INC and KURUPDIDKID this was all possible

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    now for for vets- i have grown between this grow and my next and COMPLETELY FAILED!!!!!

    take note- if you have a full time job or full time school you may be missing the moments of your childs lives-

    and by child i mean your babie plants- just like a normal human they need alot of attention and nurturing to begin but as they get older their need for your attention gets less, but more particular- paying attention to disease and such things like that become important- and not so much the actual growth of the plant and what not.

    this is my belief- many growers might say different-

    i actually completely killed and missed treat my plants at this point in my experience which seems irresponsible and neglecting- which is exactly what i did!

    babies plants need attention every 6 hours at a max. over night things can change even in matter of a few hours, if you have to be away from the plants as a babies for more then 6 hours id suggest a possible girlfriend or baby sitter- i know it sounds ridic- but in this time you can kill your plant- or stunt its growth-

    don't be so worried about the whole grow room until they need a whole grow room-
    a kid don't need a 2 wheel bike to start- it needs a tricycle and then training wheels on a bicycle and then it can ride a 2 wheeler bike on its own- and it will never forget how to ride unless you really just let it go with no supervision what so ever- it becomes natural for the plant to take its life course.

    from here i killed my plants between my job and my college schooling- omg- i swear i put up nice beauty seedlings and they were dead in 2 weeks. you don't want that- check every chance you get-

    treat these things like its your child. not until you know it can ride on its own can you leave it be

    i say after vegetating its like a teenager- you let them go on their course because theres only so much you can do at that point- they are set up on the way you raises um. trying to revive plants is a pain in the ass and a waste of time- starts right and get the results you deserve!

    anyone can argue me i don't care- but once again im an amateur grower but have pushed weight on simple principles not any grow book. simple technical reasons are the only reasons i have check anything on the internet such as temperatures and sun schedules and watering- nothing complex-

    i now show a simple way to feed small plants in a small area how to get co2 easy cheap and seems to work well.

    here you can the double bubble effect i like to call it- it is a 2 liter bottle with beer yest in it- and shit ton of sugar! to feed it- then i seeled a tube out the cap- suggest using a 2 liter Gatorade bottle cause the cap is huge- and then a smaller bottle which you should use a 20 oz Gatorade bottle to ash catch the co2 collection- this will serve as the yest catcher, and also the co2 counter- as co2 forms- you can count the amount of co2 being produced and size of the bubbles, from here you can count the 10 second count of how many bubbles are made times 60 to get per minute count- if you compare size of the air bubbles i compare it to the size of a regular Greene PEA. measure the diameter then multiply buy the per minute volume and you can figure the rest from here- not such a bad source for smaller plant and you can create 10 of theses jugs and change them out when ever they get low- mine last a few weeks!!- also co2 is heavier then air- so put the tube directly over the plant during the fans off periods and durring the day fill that tank up with c02 and fan it out at night-

    hey! if it don't do shit then you wasted maybe 5 bucks total for a whole grow- big deal it is all fun and experience anyway!~

    after this you will see the simplest grow ever costing me less then 200$$$ after all costs and yielding my best bud ever following the 5 rules of


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  16. recently i started a new grow- and i was not about to spend shit! i costs so much money to try to do things you cant do-
    i had no resourced other then 200 bucks and a pre-owned light- thats it

    i bought buckets,
    my friend gave me seeds- and a mama plant he had already started and couldnt care for
    thats how i got into this grow-

    i had 1 bottle of ph down balance
    one sunBlaze t5 flouresent bulb i found fr 20 bucks
    some wires and an old bathroom fan plus a conduit i found for 5 bucks at menards
    the rest of the money went to electricy which was 10-15 bucks a month

    i dont even think i spend 200
    i collect the grave yrad of all the poeple who tried to grow and just didnt have the time
    costing me next to nothing- so if you aint got change for stuff start asking around- poeple are deing to dump their equipment for next to nothing cause smoking it is easier then growing it sometimes~~~

    to start i will say all i did was plant these sseeds in the pots and put um next to the mama ya see here with 1 t5 bulb wich most poeple recomend alot more then at this!
    no need for a metal halid 400 watt or anything- but the would have helped a shit ton- and i do recomend if you got recourse- i had none- and i did this for fun

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  17. here is my sexing of the plants- showing a great shot of femals, and the larger plant shots are all males. look how bushy and stocky they are with only 1 t5 bulb and a week of 400 watt hps check it out

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  18. now here is the first flowers after only a week after the last photos posted of the sexing and males check it out i really didnt do much, just got the plants to the sexing stage heathy as can be with dirt

    ******first grow in dirt******

    75% less work. didnt do anything but take care for babies well being- the rest was was chilling watching and growing

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    flowering part 2- did nothign at thing point but change lighting height- and some trimmings. i did clone 2 other plants at this point- but no need to get into that unless your really interested. thats for another post, check it enjoy

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  20. now at this point i was getting very interest in the correct harvest time cause i had plants all at different ages. OMG not easy- but i read about the milkyness of the thc crystals mushroom like tops- so i ordered a lense for my 35mm cam that got me close enough- i thought i didn a pretty good job to get the highest potentcy.

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