The chillest guy on the planet

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  1. [ame=]Hugging People - YouTube[/ame]

    Stoners ftw :D
  2. Amazing how we feel weird about another human being hugging us....
  3. He should try that in Detroit.. The people there really need it.

    It would be a short ass video though.
  4. Well ya know if your name is Andrew you're def a chill person, wait a second... I must be a chill person then!
  5. I like how almost no chicks will hug him back....cooties?
  6. Haha I find that pretty funny but cool
  7. Hahaha those stoner dudes were fucking awesome!

    He got offered a bite of a burger!!! That made me feel great seen that, so awesome :smoke:
  8. yeah I saw this, its nice... and awsome.
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    this is interesting. taking notes on human behavior.
  10. I think it's kinda sad that only the last person appreciated what he was doing
  11. People are fucking rude. It's crazy how society is now, you can't even give some people hugs because they are stuck up bitches.

  12. we don't really see the appreciation from other people because he didn't show us telling them that they were on camera
  13. 1:37 is fucking hilarious! Its like he's acting that theres someone he knows behind them!
  14. I wouldnt let him hug me either. I just dont feel comfortable having strangers that much into my personal space.
  15. This made my day.

  16. i need a hug. wheres that girl?
  17. Those guys playing basketball in the beginning are straight shit. That's how I shot in 1st grade...
  18. I get how some ppl would be weirded out, but this dude looks like the nicest guy. I would have gave him a bro hug. And as for the girl, I would have hugged her and spun her around like a princess:eek:
    Good vibes yall
  19. Oh man this is cool, this also made my day.
  20. It's weird that the guy got more hugs than the girl

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