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Discussion in 'General' started by bealzz, May 27, 2003.


who to choose?

  1. girl 1

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  2. girl 2

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  3. girl 3

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  4. girl 4

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  1. All right heres the dilemma im facing right now. Theres 4 girls right now that are interested in me and that im interested in. ive always been a sucker for never choosing and let the choices slip away so this time im gonna make sure to at least make a choice. the main problem is that 1 girl is here with me at university where ill only be for 3 more weeks so it sure wouldnt be a long relationship, and all the other are back home. k, so heres the choices..
    keep in mind im 19 so none of the girls are really jailbait ;)

    girl 1: 18, at uni with me, fun, drinks, smokes, hot, nice gunners

    girl 2: 20, at uni in ontario, extremely smart, fun, hot, drinks, amazing bod, my prom date last year

    girl 3: 17, back home still, smart, blonde, nice bod, good friends with my best-friends G/F

    girl 4: 17, youngest, drinks, smokes, funny, sweet bod, sweet smile, hangs out with all my friends

    PS: when i say smokes i mean as in the pot, not ciggies

    girl 3 would be the hardest to score with, but thats not the point of going out with these girls
  2. huh? I don't think it's really smart to ask others who to choose, just think to yourself with who you'd like to spend most of the time, who you have the most to talk about, I don't know what your "goals" are with relationship so i can't help you out. Glad that you got so many of 'em interested, good '*luck*'
  3. um...... i dont know these gurls but based on what u have discribed I would say number 4 because she is at your home.... she hangs wit your friends, she smokes, nice, and i would pick her.
  4. definately 3 or4.... id go for 4... if 3 is hard to score with and thats what u ar looking for then this one is no contest. Although ubik makes a good point.... isnt this really something you shouldnt pick randomly/ with the help of ppl on the internet, most of whom (me included) are too baked to know the difference between 1 or 2 or 3 or 4??
  5. I'd go with 4 prolly...
  6. i'd go with the one that tokes. i find it very hard to get a girl who tokes like i do.
  7. I can never understand your rammbling posts shade.
  8. go with the smart one...... and marrry her....

    my case and point..... develop a loving realationship with girl..... she's smart and shall be succssesful, where as if your a dead beat... or just don't make that much dough later in life...... you'll always have something to fall back on....... the hot 'smart' succsessful soon to be rich
  9. this better......i know reading some of 420Shades posts can be difficult, but if you take the time to decypher it, he has some valid points........i've done my best to decypher it and here is what his post read like to me...........

    It is wrong what you are doing...... treating girls as objects.....however it depends on you, if you want a girl that you can have lots of sex with and never have to see again then there can be only 1 choice.......If you want a girl to have fun with, then it's between 2 choices......but if you want a girl to be with, that you will be totally happy with, and kick back and listen to some tunes with, then then it would have to be number 3.....In my opinion, any girl that doesn't want to have sex, until she's entirely sure about me, is my type of girl......i don't like easy girls, as you will end up getting hurt.......i can't respect a girl who just sleeps around for the hell of it.

    420, i hope i got that right.........Peace out....Sid
  10. i would never think of girls as objects. the situation im in will determine the couple years of my life and you usually dont just go diving into something like that. most people here have many different interesting views which will help to steer me into the right direction. i also dont date for sex, or anything even close to that for a matter of fact. im in it for a companion. someone you can just lie with watching the stars at night with until morning (sappy i know) talk with whenever you need someone. sorry for the ladies out there if i came off treating you like objects, it wasnt something i was trying to do. on an update i still have no clue what to do.... :(
    but its only 2 1/2 weeks left till i get back home. ill tell you guys how the story unfolds....

    PS: Gravy that is a funny way of think about it, but i should be okay when im older, ill be finished up my university degree soon enough..besides, everyone knows money cant buy happiness right?

  11. i also took the time to decypher. very nice job :D

  12. hey it's all good!.........we knew what you meant....... :) Peace out.....Sid

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