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  1. ok i just want to see how many active chicago grasscity members are on here. if you are from chicago or near the chicago area post it here. please be specific as to what part of chicago you are from such as south north west or east. if you are near the indiana border you can also say that. you can even say for example something along the lines of "im 15 minutes from such and such place" ok people happy posting!!!

    as for me, im like 5 minutes from the indiana border. i live in a little town called hegewisch. any fellow hegewischians here?!?!
  2. this is the effing part where people from chicago post i really hope this thread goes somewhere..
  3. I'm from the North Shore but I'm away at college now. Got some real solid dank around town during my smoking years back home.
  4. my pops lives in vernon hills and i stay there sometimes
  5. From the North Shore, Northbrook, but go to school in Indiana. Gotta love Chicago.
  6. I'm about an hour southeast of Chicago....little town...might of heard of it.....

    home of the Super Bowl Champion Indianapolis Colts....muhahahaha

    we won.
  7. northwest subrubs here (skokie)
  8. far north burbs, next to six flags great america.
  9. A couple blocks away from toyota park :]
    Used to live on the southside a couple years ago, a lot more exciting than the suburbs lol
  10. West suburbs........
  11. where in indiana? i live in glencoe during summers and holidays but IU bloomington during the schoolyear
  12. I live on the North side. Rogers Park.
  13. i'm from elgin
  14. great great :) im very happy to see i have fellow chicagoens here
  15. i live in the west suburbs by highways 83 and I-55
  16. i live in the northwest subarbs by high way 90 and 53
  17. Im new here but yea im in in the southwest suburbs down in Orland Park. I just hit up the admiral the other night after smoking 6 joints :smoke:
  18. Chi Here...SouthSide 10 mins away from midway...but i gotta head all the way up north for KILL...nothin exotic out least that I know of....(hint, hint):wave:
  19. give it up fo skokie and rogers park, As for me i'm from tha 'North Pole' yea tha motha fuckin 'Town". if ya know it then you know what i'm talkin bout. we got that fire ass but in abundance you should come get some.:smoke:

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