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The Chef's Continuos Grow, Indoor and out!

Discussion in 'Indoor Grow Journals' started by bakedchef, May 26, 2009.

  1. I've been cruising around the forums here for a while, posting here or there but mainly using it for advice and information allowing my knowledge base to grow. I've grow several times with moderate success, from soil to hydro, aeroponic, and now back to soil! (Ideally to foray back into hydro). I'm very close to setting up my ideal grow rooms. (crude cave drawings will be posted at a later date).

    Brief description of space:
    I have a "kitchenette" that has the space for the electric stove (was removed by owner), This space is 2'x4' and will be my veg space. There is a sink and counter that take up space so i will build a wall there and on three sides making this my flowering room 3' 6"x 4'10".

    4' 4 bulb T5 for use as cloning and a bonsai mother light.
    600W HPS electronic Ballast with Max wing reflector (to be upgraded at a later date)
    Agromax 600W HPS bulb = 95,000 lumens
    4" inline fan moving about 80 cfm
    a practically unlimited supply of 3 gal grow bags
    about 60' of Panda Film

    Emerald Shaman
    B'cuzz root and growth formulas
    Clonex rooting gel

    The Ladies and Gentleman:
    2 White Widow 1 of which is to become a mother (via clone or herself)
    4 White Gum (A hybrid I have been experimenting with, I crossed them from an AK bubblegum male crossed with White Widow female) This is the first time I've attempted a cross, the plants you will see first are some of the seeds that looked very premature and weak (white and very light) but out of about 25 seeds i got 4 (horrible germ rates I know but they were preemies). I have Also just sprouted 10 of the best looking and seven are in their pots.
    1 Bag seed for some GDP that I bought and didn't notice all the male flowers sticking out from the nugs :eek:. I only found one seed but I think I smoked one too :(.

    All the only for sure girls are my 2 white widow plants they are the oldest and tallest of the entire bunch. The 4 White Gum plants were sprouted and under a 400W MH in a buddies closet and he had a run a mites hit his garden so they were transferred to my space, from there and now I wage the War on them, along with a minor aphid problem which i caught early with constant vigilance and lady bugs, and safers soap. Now there are what I think are thrips but not sure they are too tiny for me to focus on but they don't cause too much damage and under under mild control. They hang in the dirt and inbetween the bags not so much on the plant itslef.

    The Plan:
    I am Ideally looking to have about 4-6 moms of all different strains, WW, my White Gum, and others I'm not sure perhaps clones from a club or maybe seeds from AMS or the other companies. These mothers will be kept in a bonsai size to maximize space and also give good clone production.
    Clones from all plants will be taken reas needed to be cycled into the flowering room. Here I will set up a 3'x4' table with my grow bags putting in about 15-20 plants about 6-8" tall to flower out until perfection.

    My fan will not be powerfull enough to properly vent the room, but I am in the lower section of the house on the ground floor, with the grow rooms in the middle of the house, making it normally a tid bit nipply (with the T5's going 24 hrs it hasen't been above 75 even when its 85-90 outside.
    The plywood walls i'm going to build I was planning on building with moisture resistant plywood, but a friend just brouhgt to my attnetion that it may be treated with chemicals and such that could be harmfull to human exposure i.e pressure treated wood.:confused:

    Till next time... With pics (have to edit them)

    Peace :smoking:
  2. Here are the pics and a cave drawing of my to be set up. along w/ the ladies and gentelmen all the pics are labeled hope you enjoy.

    Peace :smoking:

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  3. Got around to making a journal eh?
    That space seems like a great place for a grow, nice dimensions too. Normal height ceilings?
    I was gonna say that fan isn't powerful enough for the 600, should be fine if you threw it in the veg area though.
    I really like panda film, makes it easy to take down/adjust/etc, I'm not sure on the pressure treated wood but wouldn't expect it to be a problem, not good for burning but should be fine in your house.
    Oh yea, if your looking to battle pests, Earthtone insect control/killer has always worked well for me, pretty sure its says safe to use until harvest as well.
    Sounds like a great plan overall, I'm watchin :D
  4. Great idea you have there, the plants look nice and healthy. If the fan is not enough, maybe think about a window air conditioner. They don't use a huge amount of power and cool a small area pretty quick. I have to use one in the "Loveshack" maybe 10 days out of the month for the last 2 months so far, but as the summer months start to come in it will be used more regularly. That is why my grow room shuts down mid-July thru November and everything has gone outside by then.
    Keep up the good work.

    Loveshack420 :bongin:
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    thanks for the suggestions fellas. the ceilings are about 7' so i'll have room for some 5 ft beasts if i wanna go that way but i'm gunna shoot for about 2 1/2 to 3 1/3 ft ladies. i was a little worried about the fan so i may get a bigger one at the home de pot when i get my supplies today. the ac is a good idea but i have no window in that room actually there really won't be much of a fresh air entrance yet. i'm thinking of cutting a hole in the wall of the closet in my room for an intake but i'm not sure whats in the wall and then since i'm renting cutting a 6 in whole is well....

    Hopefully i'm gunna get everything in the next few hours and the build will begin :hello: with some photos.

    peace :smoking:
  6. Looks great Chef,good luck man:)
  7. Thanks Grey for the kind words!

    An Update:
    My entire contruction plans were de-railed when my buddy with the truck decided he didn't want to be invovled with helping me out for fear of finger pointing. On one hand i understand but on the other there is no crime in going to home depot to buy wood.
    On a good note one of the white gum plants broke the surface within the last couple hours!!!

  8. Update:
    I checked this morning before my errands and now have 4 white gum plants that have popped the surface :hello:, that means that i have a 100% germ rate with my good white gum seeds and only 5 more to break the surface.

    Also I went by my local hydro store and since last night I called a half hour before they closed and asked for 50' of panda film at $1 a foot. Since my buddy bailed on me I couldn't get there in time she even waited an extra half hour for me:(. So I went by today and pick it up and apologize, she was really cool about it and I paid up grabbed my film and turned to leave, but she stopped me and handed me a bottle of advanced nutrients Jump Start for cuttings and rooting:eek:. I've never used the stuff, but I think she may have remembered me from a couple weeks ago when i bought some small groton cubes and the clonex.

    Was wondering if any body had experience using Jump Start, I don't think my clones have started rooting yet, its been about 7 days and they are in 1/4 perlite, 1/4 volcanic pumice, and 1/2 soil mix that has some perlite in it. I've pulled a few small ones that I originally cut as testers anyway and none of them had any roots after 6 days, and the stems were brown but not soft and mushy still hard and the leaves are still very healthy looking and not drooping, a few have browning tips but nothing i need to worry about.

    I'll try to post some pics after I get home from work tonight, hopefully I find my memory card by then.

    Peace :smoking:
  9. Update with pics:hello:

    Well indoors everything is going well, all the seeds I sprouted 3 days ago and have all broken the surface to some various extent. I've been seeing my arch nemesis pest around the pots so I'm going to spray them down with some Safers tonight after work and hopefully kill the bastards. My 4 WG plants still aren't showing definitive sex yet so I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

    On the clone front everyone still looks very healthy and green but i checked a tester and still no roots, but no rot and they are still hard. Its been 8 days, I've read that clone can take between 4-12 days to root but at this rate I don't know how its gunna go. Perhaps next time I will go with my groton cubes like i've done my other succesfull clones.

    Maybe some of you (though no one has said anything) Are thinking I thought he said it was outdoor too! Well here it is:

    The Outdoor update:

    On April 10th I had a bit of a panic attack with the space and light quality in my grow I had about 27 plants all growing happily in their little red beer cups, well as with container growing repotting is neccasary to allow nice growth, well I was going from the beer cups to my limitless supply of 3 gallin grow bags. Since there is a signifigant size difference betweeen the cup and bag so in the space it takes for one grow bag I had 5 cups. I quickly ran out of room this way and began stacking cups on bags then shadows occured....
    Long story short I decided to transplant 6 of my WW plants outside in the then recently constructed greenhouse, That was on April 10th... flash forward to today I have 3 left (3 were lost be ballitis), the two tallest I discovered were female and there is one runt that is still abit confused and slow growing. One of the females was topped by a random plastic bag that floated into the greenhouse on a 90 degree day for about an hour or two before I checked again. The plant looked really toasted but I foliared daily with with Emerald Shaman and Superthrive daily after that and she has become beautiful.

    Here are the pictures the last is the stuff I'm currently smoking it just looked so tasty I had to share! Enjoy:wave:

    Peace :smoking:

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  10. Hey Baked:wave:

    The plants look great man,That bud looks very tasty:D
  11. NIce grow Chef so far, def. gonna watch this one.:hello: Isn't it Kinda funny how so many in the Restaurant field smoke:smoking: hunh????
    It's not enough that we have to bake and fry other things, but we feel the need to do it to our-selves too :bongin::hippie:LOL
    Keep up the good work Guy
  12. thanks for the kind words all glad you enjoy

    I guess it is kinda ironic that so many cooks and chefs blaze up but really being around food all day I need something thats gunna make me wanna lol :D. Also our industry is rated as being 1 of the top 2 most stressful jobs along with lawyers. Both of which have the highest rate of alcoholism :hello:. I find ganja to be much more relaxing on a consistant basis than alcohol, but don't get me wrong sometimes I need to just get fucked up:metal:

    Finally my clones have begun to root, its day 10 and my testers show small wite nubs begining to protrude from the stems. All the others plants are doing well still no sexing but the sprouts are looking happy.

    As for the pests I finally found what they are drumroll... fungus gnats:mad:. thanks to cantharis and the sick plant guide. I'm gunna try the potato thing to try and get some larva and I'm gunna continue using the safers soap every 4-5 days to take out the fliers and the ones on the surface of the soil:devious:.

    Questions, comments, tirades, don't be afraid to leave something.

    peace :smoke:
  13. Update:
    I guess the white gum plants finally decided to show sex! One female and 2 males. Glad to see some males and female so I can strengthen my strain maybe try a back cross. All the sprouts look good a little lanky but okay.

    The most exciting news is that I checked my babies and they have finally started to shoot some roots out about an inch and a half long!!!!

  14. Wow no love what so ever... o well more for me to ramble and not have to worry about boring people bwhahahahahaha

    here's and update

    Everyone is looking great I'm noticing that the new growth of all my plants is a bit yellow even the clones:confused:. I'm thinking that my nutrient solution isn't quite strong enough. I'm using Bcuzz growth at 3ml per gallon, superthrive 1ml per gal, and emerald shaman at 1 scoop per gallon. the scoop is provided but its prolly 1 ml.

    Today is gunna be a big work day for me I went out and bought 7 8' 2x4s and am gunna use it to rough frame my areas then hang panda film to separate the rooms, for right now I'm not gunna put up plywood since i can't get a truck. its gunna suck though cause my green house ripped a hole in the roof where the support pole is so it has deflated. and it is supposed to rain here for like 4 straight days. WTF its fucking june its supposed to be sunny here. so if it rains the greenhouse could possibly completely collapse:(. The weather is already looking super fucking shitty like its gunna rain. I dunno what to do first but i need help with the greenhouse but all my roomates are not home so i guess its my room first.

    I'll be taking some pictures as i go and post them up later once i figure out how to now that my laptop that i could put my memory card in \, no i don't have a cord either.

    till next time

    peace :smoking:
  15. Loving the Love fo sho thanks to everyone contributing! :hello: Still can't figure out how to get my pics online yet so just text today sorry I know everyone has been waiting for them I can't handle all this pressure you all put on me everyday to keep this updated, but here it is you raveness dogs you:

    I have confirmed 2 females and 2 males of my white gum plants so thats a total count of 4 females 2 WW and 2 WG females in the new flower room. In my veg room I have 14 clones all rooted and getting acclamted to their new containers red solo cups. Also all 9 WG sprouts are sending out their second set of leaves the first 3 findered set!

    I'm unfortunately having severe difficulties with my new digital dual outlet timer from HTG supply, I have programed it to turn on at 11:30 pm and off at 11:30am it turned on the first time but didn't turn off so I had to turn it off and rechecked the timer and it was correct, tonight the light didn't go on when the timer was set so I turned it on rechecked it it was right so I dunno what the fuck to do. switch to my old time i suppose but then i lose an outlet for a much needed fan.

    O well again keep that love coming glad everyone is enjoying this!!!

    Peace :smoking:
  16. Update! unfortunately photoless still no way to upload the pics:(

    Everything is going very well I'm 5 days into flowering no noticeable changes yet. My clones are looking better everyday,

    I also decided that my two outdoor plants were getting a little too close to my plastic tarp. So I walked my happy ass to the store bought some twine and tied down my topped WW plant, of which I have before and after pics, along with day later pics of a complete skyward turn.:hello:

    After the tie down I noticed that several branches were either on the ground or very close to the ground, or touching the ground :eek: so I clipped about 15 branches and side shoots giving both girls a nice little pruning! So as not to waste those lovely branches I decided to clone them about 9 new WW clones are zipped up in their bags under the lights, along with about 5 orange crush branches a friend clipped the same day. and I nabbed about 4 clones off of that.

    I have never had orange crush before and was hoping some one could give me some info.

    Thanks for checking it out!

    Peace :smoking:

  17. I can't say that I have grown Orange Crush, but I have smoked it.. and its DANK:smoke: Smelt and tasty like citrus, high was good and up. I'd recommend it for sure

    Which plant are you gonna bonsai?
    I'm pretty excited to try out a bonsai

  18. Thanks for stopping in mgr :wave:, I think I smoked some too but I'm not positive, a buddy of mine is growing some he got from a buddy. I'm going to bonsai all my mother in time which hopefully will be 6-8 plants. As of right now I'm making the top of my best WW lady a bonsai, it has been about 3 weeks from the initial clipping and they are all doing great! I topped my bonsai mom clone about 4 days ago and she is slowly growing out:D.

    I guess I can out an official update since I'm here! (still no pics sorry I'm going to the store today to buy a little reader for my sd card)

    Today has been an eventful day, I got up earlier than I have on a day off in a while. The reason you ask well it was a transplant day!I moved all for of my girls from their 1/2 full 3 gal bags to full 3 gal! I'm 10 days into flowering now and transplanted so that the ladies can really take off in the new space.

    The males are looking great! I think I have chosen which one I will make my dad! At 10 days it already has very dense collections of pollen sacks. I'm going to continue to let them go for about another week before I make a final decision!

    My 2 WG ladies are forming some nice bud sites where as the WW hasn't really started into it yet, they are both just chillin, with about an inch in growth over the last 10 days.

    As for all my babies they are doing very well, happily growing and i just put a fan on them to help thicken some stem. I may do some transplanting tomorrow in that room for clones and my seedlings.

    Outdoors Update:

    All 3 of the girls (yes I said 3 not 2 :hello:) are growing like no tomorrow , about 1-2" a day almost. I've had to re-tie several branches down every other day they are on steroids! Sadly though I am slowly coming to the decision that I need to expand my green house, at the rate of growth they are going they could possibly become 6 foot plants even tied down :eek:, they are at 3 foot now and that's practically horizontal!

    Question, Comments, all welcome

    Peace :smoke:
  19. Picture Update 1 of 2: Long awaited by me and all who stop in I hope!

    All photos will be labeled the first 6 are all the outside girls the last for are mom that is bonsai

    Peace till later tonight around 12 with pics of the indoor ladies and gentlemen! :smoke:

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  20. Gotta love those labled pics!! +rep for you!

    I have an indoor and outdoor, so I will follow along and see what comes of yours! Looks great so far.. Looks like your outdoor are a bit happier than mine.. I may soon move them though. Luckily I have only put 2 in the ground so far, the rest being in pots..

    Good Luck!!!!!

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