the chase

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  1. so i was walking home from mcdonalds about a month ago.i smoked 2 bowls and got somethin to eat.i ate 3 mchickens and a large fry Lol!(no im not fat at all,hi metabolism).anyways im about 5 blocks away from my house when i see a kid named pierre.i owe the kid 25 dollars for drugs but i decided to never pay back becuz he said it was a double acid shot as a microdot when it was a single hit of X(his friend told me it was X cuz he tried it to and peirre told him it was x but not me so he intentionally ripped me off),and to make things worse,i only took half the pill cuz i thought it was acid,so it pretty much went to waste.this pissed me off beyond belief since ive never tried acid yet and i was very excited,only to get fuckin ripped off.anyways hes with 2 of his friends and pierre looked up and saw me and said "where the fuck is my money".i pretty much told him to fuck off for rippin me off and that he aint gettin shit...ever.well he started talkin shit and i just turned around and walked the other way,no sense in talkin back since hes got three of his "bodygaurds" with him.and then i hear fast approaching footsteps,so i look back and all 3 of them are chasin me.i was like oh shit! and took off running.these kids were as slow as fuck,and their older than me.i reached the street and this is how i lost them.a bunch of cars were coming from both sides and they were close.i sprinted across the street,they followed only i made it across and they made it about halfway and turned back and almost got hit.i was laughing my ass off when i saw a car nearly hit one of his friends.i was gone by the time they crossed the street.i love being fast.i would have took him in a fight if he was alone.anyways i dont think he deserves a penny for ripping me off.well of course i should know my shit before i buy it,but i didnt really know what a microdot looked like.

    a few days later someone egged my house,and i think it was him,so on the night before his moving day i threw half a carton of eggs at his front windows.that bastard.
  2. damn, that sucks.

    at least you got away.

    didn't lose the mcchickens and those fries did you?
  3. This is why we don't buy drugs from men named Pierre.
  4. Wait, a guy named Pierre was talking shit? WTF is this world coming to. His ego should have been shattered with all the name calling from elementary school.

    haha, just playing... but what a dick move on his part.

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