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The chances of impregnating a girl?

Discussion in 'Sex, Love & Relationships' started by topdog82, Dec 2, 2010.

  1. Call me a pussy
    I'm not gonna lie

    the idea of nailing a girl and getting her prego is...horrible

    with a condom, and spermicidal lube on the inside and outside, what are the chances of her getting knocked up?
  2. 1 in 276. Also, ease off of lube on the inside of the condom...
  3. doesn't matter.

    if she's on top she can't get preggers. its science, gravity man.
  4. if you just throw the condom away its impossible for her to get preggers
  5. fuck her in the ass it's like a free pass.....

  6. wrong on both counts :smoke:

    The chance of pregnancy in any given situation is different for everyone, depending on the fertility of you and your partner.

    Is it possible for you to get someone pregnant using spermicide and wearing a condom - yes, but the chances are less than just using a condom for protection. The more BC measures you take, the less the likelihood of pregnancy.
  7. they were obviously being facetious...
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    I realize that they were being facetious, others may not. I'd hate for someone to end up with an unwanted pregnancy because they followed a sarcastic / joking comment. :rolleyes: As we all know, there are people that are that gullible / lacking common sense...:smoke:
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    You can't always tell someones tone through text.I mean most people probably get it,but someone might take it seriously.

    But to the OP,it also depends on when the girl is ovulating(hmmm that doesnt look to be spelled right)I mean it's possible to get her preganant ANY time,but there are days where she's even more likely to get knocked up.

    But if all safety measures are taken,you'll be okay.I've had sex SO many times with regular condoms,spermicidal condoms and good ol fashioned birthcontrol(which is best because its more effective than condoms AND you don't even have to wear a condom so long as you trust your partner)I've also done the deed with no condom or bc which isnt smart btw,buuut everyonce in a while i get an uncontrollable urge and have to get up in there for atleast a few pumps without a rubber,but I usually do that after wearing a spermicidle condom then put another one on right after,still trying to be safe as possible even though I KNOW it's a dumb move.

    As long as your condom isn't torn you'll be good.I remember with my ex,we were so paranoid that everytime I'd get ready to cum I'd pullout even with a condom on.But now it's all good,Im not quite so paranoid anymore haha.
  10. First off, avoid the spermicidal lube. It's useless as there usually is not enough lube on the condom to do anything. A regular condom used correctly is sufficient enough.

    Want to be safe? Do it my way: Condom for you, birth control for her.

    I bet the chances of her getting pregnant when the condom and birth control are used as directed are pretty damn slim.
  11. wanna be super safe? dont have sex.
  12. What Craiggers said. The only way to know you're not making a mini you is abstinence. The best you can do while being sexually active is use condoms or other forms of protection you may like and some kind of birth control for the woman. The reduces your chances significantly but it's still not impossible.
  13. About 10-12% chance of getting pregnant on a single encounter, a lot of times the egg doesn't grow or the girl aborts (automatically) this happens about 50% of the time, this brings the % to actually getting pregnant dow to about 3 to 5% of getting pregnant and staying pregnant.

    Up to 50% of pregnancys end in spontaneous abortion without even knowing that they were pregnant.

    That is unprotected.

    Condoms are about 85% effective, this counts for condoms breaking, mis-use, user error etc etc..... In a perfect world, if all works well, then it is 100%.

    So 3-5% - 85% worst case scenario, is about .75% considering 5%.

    This is a rough number, really rough.

    Add a condom with anti sperm and that custs it down even more, but using other lubes with condoms is actually a bad idea.

    At less than 1%, even if you do knock her up, a simple trip down the stairs solves your problem.
  14. Keep in mind unless your having sex with only one girl and she is clean and only having sex with you, then their are much worse things than pregnancy to worry about.
  15. back in the day me and my ex would fuck all the time without a condom, i thought i was the master of pulling out but we still had a few scares. Looking back i now realize how incredibly stupid that was but damn, it felt good:rolleyes:

    If your real worried were a condom pull out rip it off and go in her mouth dude

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