The Chamba of boom

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  1. ok so i took 6 cuttings total from my 3 plants which are three weeks into flowering and i just got a new sour og clone tonight that i transplanted and put next to the clones in the chamba ok i built this chamba out of 2 18 gallon buckets and mylar and duct tape its pretty air tight alot of humidy and the clones are in 2 liter humidy domes in trays i clones them with clonex and great white tag along for the ride!!!!

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  2. open to advice/critisim this is my first attempt at taking clones
  3. looks like a nice little clone box man. tell us when they start rootin up.
  4. had to cut 2 holes in it because of temp issues now its fine the humidity is way down but i got the 2 liter domes on em seems pretty humid in the 2 liters so i think im good.....some of the leafs look like there dyeing i understand this may happen cause there eating away the excess energy but does that usually happen?
  5. i just built my first bubblecloner


    thats 7 day..cost about 22 at wally humidity domes needed;)

    would chop the fans leaves in half on your clone to cut down on transperation till roots get developed:smoke:
  6. so my clonesing prossess was a disaster ima just make a bubble cloner but right now i got the sour og and the trainwreck and a headband og in there so still got some shit goin

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