The Challenge!

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  1. This is stolen from another forum, but it will be an awesome thread if you guys are up for the challenge :D

    It is very simple, text/message/ask/email/whatever any girl the following sentence "How come we havn't had sex yet?" or any variation of that.

    The cheesier the better! :smoke:

    I will start of with my own entry

    This was a text

    Me: Hey XXX! How come we havn't had hot, passionate, beastly sex yet?
    Her: Hey MrStrauss! The fuck, I don't know!?
    Me: I think it's damn too bad!
    Her: You're right! Come on then!
    Me: You'll come to me next weekend, I will show you how a real man performs!
    Her: Mmmhh.. I won't travel that far!
    Me: You don't know what you're missing..

    Status: She is hungry for my penis
  2. Glad that worked for you haha
  3. You gotta say it mid conversation.

    "so what did you do today?"
    "had class and feeling a little sick"
    "When you going to let me hit that?"

    How it should go.
  4. There is a thread just like this, I read through the entire thing, some Blades actually lost female friends sending those texts, lol.

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