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The Challenge

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by LaughingLeaf, Jun 10, 2011.

  1. I was hanging out with my dealer and he brought up the 420 challenge. I've never done it but I'm looking forward to it. It's a game in which each person must smoke 4.20 grams in one sitting, without standing up for any reason. He said he's never finished, sounds like a challenge to me :smoke:

    Any of you blades think you could do it? ;)

    (and I'm talking dank, not mids)
  2. I could do it... Im pretty sure i have done it lol.

    Probly sleep for about a day after it but i reckon ive burned through a half zip in a day more than once, so i could likely complete said challenge.
  3. sounds like he's just trying to get you to give him more money so you can smoke your whole stash in a sitting...

    I've never heard of a 420 challenge and a search showed nothing similar to what you're talking about.
  4. see if he'll sponsor you. if you finish it the buds half price or on him or something, but if you don't finish, you have to pay him in full. then it's a challenge for both parties involved.
  5. I predict you will green out and pass out before you get through the 3rd gram of "dank" to the head...I've been smoking the best for years and I know I would. Unless you are also imbibing in other unmentionables that might keep you up at the same time. Then you can smoke all you want and at a point it wont even matter.
  6. Yah know, I wish someone would challenge me to smoke that much weed.
  7. Lol just smoke mids maybe thats the one thing they are good for
  8. hes trying to get you really high for obvious reasons..
  9. Ive completed the 1800 challange.
  10. i could do that easily sounds like your dealer is a punk
  11. My dealer's been my friend since we were in middle school, I'm throwing down 20 bucks when we do this, he's providing it. So I'm not smoking my stash or paying much money. And I have one response saying they've done it before and one saying it's not possible without the help of outside substances? I think I'm gonna try it today, and let everyone know.
  12. With some dank bud, I don't want to get up anyways... If I brought all the water I needed to my chair and an extra one for pissing in, I could sit down for hours. There should be a time limit.

    I would just roll 9 .5 gram joints. I don't think I would want to smoke 4 grams out of a bong or pipe.

  13. Well damn that's a sweet deal. Shouldn't too hard but it'll be fun as hell either way. Wish I knew a dealer that was up for a challenge hahah

  14. What time limit would you suggest? And we're doing it out of a bubbler, I can't complain.
  15. Ehh i would smoke it all out of blunts.. you could probably do it out of a shitty bubbler but out of a nice diffused/perculated one your are going to get wayy to ripped to smoke all of that unless you sit there for quite some time
  16. Woah man thats INSANE! Sounds like GREAT fun though...having said that I've never tried it so I MAY change my mind if I were to try it...

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