The Case FOR BULLYING... extremely controversial

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  1. Am I the only person in the world who became a stronger better person because of ''bullying''. I mean I'm not that old (27) but in my day EVERYONE got teased and picked on there was absolutely no immunity. And If you allowed a bully to continue to tease you they would eventually end up somehow putting there hands on you. At this point you can either
    A. Take the teasing like a bitch. (just saying)
    B. Tell on them like a bitch
    C. Stand up to them and Demand respect.

    Look, I'm not saying that you'll win the fight but you have to learn how to stand up them and make sure that even if you lose it wasn't an easy fight. Bullies pray on the weak, you don't necessarily have to beat the bully down you just have to show them you're not a afraid of confrontation. If the bully knows he will have to FIGHT you every time he puts his hands on you he will eventually look for easier prey. Sorry I just don't believe in teaching these kids to tell every time someone calls them a name or pokes them. Around my way Thats what they call bitchassness. My neighborhood bully was the reason I learned tae kwon do.

    P.S. This does not apply to Social Media Bullying and Sexting Bullying or other technology based bullying. Thats just some messed up shit there...
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    I can understand what ur saying but someone like me will never accept this

    Bullying has fucked up my life. You may have been able to turn the bullying into somehing redeamable....and that's good

    But, someone like me was chronically bullied...bullied past the point of tolerance. Into the realm of torture and pain

    Have you ever been bullied by 3 or even 4 people at once? Have you ever been bullied by a camp councelor while 200 miles away from home with noone to turn to? Have you ever been turned away from parties? Has anyone ever blocked ur access to a college ATM? Has anyone flat out hit you for nothing a all?

    Bullying hurts people
  3. People are not your own personal pokemons you can train for strength and battle.

    Unless you have a scientific study that proves bullies carefully and surgically refine people's strength and weaknesses rather than brutally scar them for life emotionally, kindly fuck off with this shit.
  4. I was both the bully and bullied.

    This is natural behavior amongst earth organisms.

    Schools need to understand this and find proper methods to negate alpha behavior.

    It shouldn't be viewed as negative, that bully probably spread his genes during mans evolution morethan the bullied.
  5. Humans should have evolved beyond bullying a long time ago.

    Animals do it to secure position for food resources and breeding opportunities. Humans should have other, more reasonable, ways of doing this.
  6. bullies must be dealt with brute strength, it is a good life lesson. people who bully are insecure and are asking for it.
  7. I only had one problem with bullying when I was really young, because I grew into a fairly large guy so people left me alone. But when I was in elementary school I'd get bullied by this one other kid. Eventually I snapped and stood up to him. It wasn't pleasant stepping up to him, but he stopped fucking with me afterwards.

    When I say step up, I mean just calling him out on it, I was not a fighter, especially at that age, so all I could really do was try to be intimidating without having to be physical. It didn't really work, he was stronger, but again that was the last I had to deal with it.
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    Thank God I was a fat and muscular kid, no one fucked with me.:D

    NVM metalplusweed, I read your post wrong.
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    so, when u are the smallest and youngest like me, you should get fucked up for it??!??!?

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  10. You, sir would be one of the rare ones whom gets a neg rep from me...if we still could neg rep, you would have 1 from me for that
  11. Brute strength is a last resort, and only a last resort. I had a classmate in elementary school that used to pick on me for being heavy, until one day I broke his nose when I'd had enough. Now he whistles when he breathes and I've got a permanent mark against me showing I have a temper. Was it worth it? Probably not, but it was a last resort.
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    Sure, if I was big enough, I could just fuck someone up and the bullying would stop?!

    disrespect removed

    No need for disrespect. Mat369
  13. [quote name='"TexRx"']Sure, if I was big enough, I could just fuck someone up and the bullying would stop?!

    I still say FUCK YOU!![/quote]

    K cool noone cares calm the fuck down man

    And you should have stood up for yourself instead of being a pussy
  14. Me? :confused:
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    [quote name='BudNdBitches420']K cool noone cares calm the fuck down man

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  16. [quote name='"TexRx"']

    a pussy....sure me a pussy...then all u want is pussy


    fuck bullying. It will never be legitimate

    I still say fuck off[/quote]

    Hypocrite ?! Haha I think its funny that your preety much cyberbullying me right now and I'm the hypocrite
  17. Someone in this topic seems to be looking for excuses to tell people to fuck off.
  18. I think it's pretty obvious I'm affected by bullying, so take the appropriate flying leap into nothingness
  19. Im sure it does make people stronger in some cases, but at the same time (as a couple posts in the thread suggest), it was no more than a traumatic, debilitating experience.

    Some cases are likely so extreme that saying, "You should've stuck up for yourself" really doesn't cut it.
  20. Getting bullied? Punch them square in the fucking nose. Game over.

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