The Carbs Diet Trend

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what do you think about the carbs diet trend

  1. i think its pretty dumb

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  2. hey, i watch my carbs

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  3. i could really care less wat people do about being fat

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  4. wat are carbs?

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  1. aight, as many of you might know theres this trend goin on in america where people are watchin their carbs and shit, people are way to concerned about dumb shit if u ask me, but i'd like to know wat you think about this...
  2. People need to stop worrying about the newest diet trend and just eat healthy, be active and live life with as little stress as possible.
  3. ^Couldn't have said it better myself.
  4. People should try the original, natural diet known as EXERCISE. It's a wonderful thing. Because quite honestly, people DO have time to exercise.
  5. I'm too busy eating Fla-Vor-Ice's to give a fuck about my carbohydrate intake.
  6. atkins diet is stupid, atkins is a dead guy.

    i say eat more tofu and fresh fruits and vegetables

  7. What you weigh in at? I'm pretty skinny myself. 6'1, 140 - 150 pounds (I'll gain a few pounds and lose a few pounds all the time).
  8. ^^^

    Damn dude, thats freaky skinny. Like Mary Kate Olson skinny, hah.

    Yeah, thats my eating style too. I drink more than I eat though.
  9. I'm like 5'9, currently 145 pounds. It alternates between 140-150.

    Ya, I'm one of those people that never gets fat. I eat a lot too...average daily food is cereal for breakfast, then lunch, then dinner, then somethin before I go to sleep. Plus a lotta snackies in between. But then again I do a lot of active shit so maybe thats why.
  10. I eat so much food...yet, I never seem to gain weight.
  11. people want results. someone tells em they can lose 10-20lbs in one week, by drinking this or cutting out that for such and such a time, and they do it. i don't know. i don't really watch what i eat, i eat too much take out at work actually. but i excersize. i'm active. so it all balances out. i think people have to start looking at what they are really eating. all those chemicals and crap on the fruit and veggies and the meat. omg. i don't even want to know. anyways i say have what ever u want. in moderation. i like my cheesecakes and my big macs and ice cream and pies i can have them if i want;)
  12. Low Carb and atkins are two different things. Atkins for the most part tells to say away from carbs completely. Low carb isnt nessicerly unhealthy like people say it is. It's lower carbs than a persons usual intake, which for most americans is an extremely unhealthy amount. My parents are doing the low carb thing and my dad has lost 20-30lbs. I'm gonna do it and exercise as well. As far as I'm concerned, it works. It works for my mom, who has tried every diet in the book. So why knock it when it works for people when nothing else seems to?

  13. I dont think it could be said any better.
  14. Here's the deal (IMO): Low carb diets are BULLSHIT. Especially to anyone who wants to be fit and healthy- if you don't have high enough blood gluocose then you will actually metabolise your muscle BEFORE your fat.

    Best thing is to eat small and often (I eat six small meals per day- one every two hours) and to get yourself out into the real world and do some fucking exercise- even if it's just walking around a lot.

    The problem with eating carbs (if there HAS to be one) is that people consume too much at one time. If you have too high a blood glucose concentration then your pancreas will secrete insulin to make your liver, muscles and adipose store it. In the first two cases it's stored as gycogen and in the latter it's stored as fat. Best thing to avoid fat storage is NOT TO CUT DOWN ON WHAT YOU EAT BUT TO EAT SMALL AND OFTEN. That way you eat what you're using at the time. Get yourself into the world and DO SOMETHING- not only will it decrease fat stores but it'll increase your lung capacity and heart rate- which WILL MAKE YOU LIVE LONGER!

    If this is total bullshit then I am sorry but after a liiiiitle alkyhole I am never good at what I usually can do (science).

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