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The captain!!

Discussion in 'Smoking Accessories Q&A' started by pastfan34, Apr 2, 2010.

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    It spent along time to build him but I finally finished The Captain the first piece ive made with a real glass stem and bowl (The Demon). The stem is also diffused.

    I just hit it with my bud for the first time and damn its a round house kick to the face from chuck norris it pulls so smooth!

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  2. I'll have a milked picture later tonight

  3. honestly man...i dont think i would ever BUY a used homemade...maybe if i had no other possible way to get a bong and i was desperate, i would pay 10 15 tops..not a bad homemade though
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    Dam nice build i bet it rips but when it comes to homeade pieces and sellin them.......i dont think so, does it even cost that much with liq in it?lol
  5. yeah... there's really no money to be made in selling your homemades.
  6. No I meant like if I built another one im not selling this one haha
  7. Wait haha I MADE this lol didnt buy it
  8. That is a NICE bong, but I would not pay 30-40 bucks for it. Maybe 10-20 TOPS. :p
    Good build though, for sure.
  9. ha true but w/e im really just trying to show off my new piece :D
  10. Ya I live in a dorm and the smoke alarms arnt set off my smoke haha so i thought their might be some potential
  11. thanks man
  12. It's a nice homemade, but you can buy kits that turn ANY liquor bottle into a bong for cheaper than the price you're looking to get. Simply put, there's not much money to be made with homemade pieces. Most smokers want quality not novelty.

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