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Discussion in 'The Artist's Corner' started by The Captain K, Sep 26, 2010.

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    Signature/Avatar: (Choose One/Both)
    Colour Scheme:
    Light/Dark Preference:
    Include Images:​

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  2. Text on the signature: Strobel
    Colour theme of the signature: A mist of flourescent bright colors
    Light/Dark Colours: Both
    Details: It would be pretty awesome to have " One life to live, too sick to die " on the bottom of it

    And if you can have a small hidden pot leaf on there..

    Sorry for all the request lol, but i appreciate you taking time to (possibly) do this!

    Peace & Love, Go Green or Go Home!

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    EDIT: Size change due to the post below.




  4. i dont think your allowed to have ones this big. mine was way smaller then this and i got a message from a mod saying it was too big. could be wrong tho..
  5. Text on the signature: Tha Professor
    Colour theme of the signature: psychedelic theme
    Light/Dark Colours: Mixture

    Details: If you could throw in "Jive in, Bust out" in there, that would be great!
    If that doesn't work or fit, then you could use "no skinny bitches."

    +rep for sure
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    His is edited, Tha Professor is next.

    EDIT: I've been told not to double post.

    So, Tha Professor here is your signature.


    I'm sure you know how to install it. ;)
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  7. goody! mad reps for a nice sig :33333
    here are the pictures i'd like you to choose from :D
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    all else goes to your artistic mind :)
    edit: sorry i didnt see the form man :/
    i would like the theme to be dark to light, not just black and white but mostly black and white.
    i would like my user name somewhere in it and also for one of the images with the band's name on it such as the wrench.
    i would like most of it to be dark black
    sorry i shouldve read the form man
  9. Third Eye, please fill out the form.
  10. filled out form in above post*
  11. If I don't like it do I have to use it? I kinda like my sig but i'd like to see if someone could make a nice one.

    Text on the signature: Craiggers (or something referring to "the game")
    Colour theme of the signature: blue and red
    Light/Dark Colours: light? i dunno surprise me.

    Details: Surprise me! I like Arrested development, MST3K, Calvin and Hobbs, Charlie Brown, Funk Music, and weed. and blowjobs. getting them. not giving them. to be clear.

  12. You don't "have" to use it.
  13. I don't want u to put a lot of time and effort into something that i'm not going to use.
  14. thats super tight man i like a it alot!+rep

  15. No problem man.

    I hope you like it, didn't take long, I won't be offended if you reject my loving signature. :p

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  16. lolz, thanks for that man. I'm not a fan of the pot leaf but i like the charlie brown. +rep for sure.

  17. I allow one edit, tell me to edit it, and I will revise the signature.
  18. Text: himynameiskyle (top left)
    Theme: psychedelic (like that 70s show), even balance of colors, with a pot leaf or two and the chemical formula for THC as well as any other drugs you want to incorporate.

    and at the bottom, it should "andimtotallyhigh" (bottom right)
  19. That would be awesome!

    TEXT: JaY PizzL
    Colors: Rasta colored
    Theme: Big Spliff full of Ganja
    If you could throw the saying "One Love" that would be fuckin cool! Thanks man!

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