The Calculus of Fate

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    The Counselor found himself standing on a gravel road. It went downhill from where he was and curved around to the right. At the bottom, there was a cleared, flat area with an odd looking, tower-like structure in the middle. It had a blue, cylindrical body with an inverted, saucer-like top. The entire area above, below, and around the hills and the clearing, was filled with stars. They looked small and hard against the sidereal cold of space. As the Counselor looked up at them, they seemed to flicker for a moment like a match that was just about to go out. He pulled the car coat around himself and shivered. The chronometers on his wrists were starting to freeze over. He knew he was running out of time. He picked up the pace as he headed for the tower. He could see the outlines of a figure in the doorway. It was Glider. The transmission had made it through after all.

    "It's about time you showed up. We're losing some serious heat here, Mr. T."

    "I barely got the field equations finished in time to make the transport. It's peer pressure that slows me down, you know that Mr. G. That and my love of good works."


    Glider made a dismissive gesture as he turned back into the the Main Control Room. They walked in together and looked up at the simulation on the monitors. The Counselor seemed thoughtful.

    "Not too many anomalies, I think we have to chance it."

    "I hope these turn out better than that last lot, Mr. T."

    "Never forget, Mr. G., Tomorrow is another day."

    "I'll believe it when I see it."

    Look to your helm Mr. G. Engage the Higgs Field and prepare for Total Conversion on my mark.

    "Say the words."

    "Let there be Light."

    And there was light.
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