"The ButterFly Effect"

Discussion in 'General' started by Chronic420, Jul 7, 2004.

  1. "The ButterFly Effect"

    Itsa movie if ya dont know lol

    Well i just wanted to see if any one else here saw it and what ya thought of it if ya dont know what its about heres a breif discription...

    Its about a kid who allways had black outs as a child he would be doing one thing then suddenly not even know where he is it would be allmost like a time jump but he would not remember any thing that happend then years later he finds a way to actually go back into the past with hes jurnouls that he wrote when he was a kid But remember the butterfly effect "Change one thing Change Everything..." its the movie quote lol but i sugjest you ppl see it its pretty damn trippy lol

    wow now rereading this its kinda hard to understand will some one else explain n english? lol
  2. It was a damn good movie. I saw it stoned with some friends when it came out in theatres, a bit hard to follow since we were so baked but very cool.
  3. Yea its hardcore tripp lol
  4. yesterday with a friend who was baked, we were opening a ca of coffee and i'm like.. what if no one invented the can opener, would there be a different tool to open it, or would we use an easier method or would we use cans at all/would they be replaced with something else?

    basically what if someone omitted to do something in their life that would alter history. eg. the wheel (although i personally think it would be invented anyways because of its simplicity), the lightbulb, etc... things would be sooooo different. it's like that halloween episode of the simpsons where homer makes a time travelling toaster and alters history so many times because of one tiny thing. back to the future 2 comes to mind.

    after reading this post i'm gonna go looking for that movie now. i've been turned off by it cuz of ashton kutcher. if you want a trip, watch a jim carrey movie called... oh fuck what's it called, it has a really long name
    eternal sunshine in the mind of a something.. something along those names
    again, a trippy movie but has a comedic actor to turn people away.. worth a watch though
  5. eternal sunshine of the spotless mind?

    I wanted to see that movie, never got around to it.

    I had one friend tell me butterfly effect was the best movie ever, and one say it sucked badly, so I can't decide if I want to spend the $3 to rent it
  6. damn cows lol I thought that was you, your icon thru me off..lol..

    ok, Watch this movie! I dont know why I didnt know about this movie until it came out on video, but you all need to know about it, and watch it! :) Great stuff, I think. I think, great stuff!
  7. yea, i have to get some props to mr. page for awhile

    I got around to seeing this movie, very fucked up. Its a good movie though, it's just very hard to take ashton krucher seriously.
  8. I didnt think it was all that much to take him seriously! I think he did an excellent job with all the roles..as the other characters, I think casting was perfect.
  9. good movie.
  10. it was pretty damn good i liked it alot
  11. i kinda liked it...
  12. i heard this was a huge donnie darko rip-off, but i haven't seen it. donnie darko was decent i guess. whenever i tell someone i didn;t think it was that great they say "oh, you just didn't get it." well, no, asshole, i got it, it was just not that great. woah, but anyway. i can't really see ashton kutcher doing a seirous role very well... how was he?
  13. movie was boring. dragged on and on and didnt go anywhere really

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