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  1. Guys who would you have a homosexual encounter with if you had to, God or Satan?

    Why's this in the philosophy section? Because this will let us in to the workings of the twisted minds of us blades.

    Oh and btw if I had to I'd have a threesome with 'em. The best of both worlds I say ... The perfect world and the underworld. LoLz
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    Lil Wayne..... "she will"

    devil on my shoulder, the lord is my witness
    so on my libra scale i’m weighing sins and forgiveness
    what goes around comes around like a hula hoop
    karma is a ***** well just make sure that ***** is beautiful

    Libra is only zodiac sign that doesn't represent a living creature.

  3. Aah Weezy, remind me how this guy is considered a genius again. He keeps rapping about random things that make no sense at all.

    And ... what about it? I mean the libra?
  4. nothing really, just find it interesting Libra represent no living creature.

  5. What about Aquarius?
  6. I think it represents water, which is basically life for most living creatures. Our bodies mostly water. Libra represent scales, like weighing good and evil

  7. Oh, your using the Weztern altered Babylonian astrological system where libra is represented by scales and Aquarius by water while in the Luciferian astrological system libra is represented by a rock and aquarius by a tornado.
  8. what if you met teh jeesus and he demanded fellatio?

    would one follow through?
  9. this is not a burning question, its a stupid question

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