The Budtender At My Dispensary Is Racist ?

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  1. Here's a funny story I thought some of you guys might like. And no he's not really racist...

    So I head into my favorite dispensary to grab some meds. As usual Im opening all the different jars, smelling each one, looking at them under the light, ect. I then find a really special one, covered in THC, just covered in goo. I look at the lid and see the strain name "planewreck". The budtender sees me looking at it and goes "ya planewreck, thats a new one, just came in today.." Im like cool, sounds good man ill take an eighth.

    As he's weighting it out he smiles and says "ya its a cross between trainwreck and afghani".

    It takes me a minute to get it and I start laughing... He's like "ya I didnt wanna offend you so I just waited to see if you'd get it."

    I thought it was pretty funny at least :confused_2:
  2. lol you just wanted to brag about your awesome situation of going to a dispensary didnt you?
  3. Rofl. That's great.
  4. if thats the case how come they didnt just name planecrash?
  5. Where in the heck do you find a dispensery anyway?
  6. Fucking lol'd. Hard.
  7. lolterroristjoke

    I see what he did there :)
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    naw... alot of people have MMJ, im not that special. Theres plenty of bud around the city better than mine. :wave:

    I guess because they wanted it to be linked to trainwreck, one of there best selling strains. Plus they have shipwreck, planewreck, and trainwreck so I guess they wanted to keep it constant... idk i didnt name it.

    There's like 15 different ones in Boulder alone, and alot more in Denver. The industry is exploding in Colorado.

  9. Here.
  10. I recently found out that my parents are moving to Colorado; safe to say I'll be making plenty of visits to their city. :cool:
  11. How much does an eighth cost you? Kinda curious, I've heard it's only a tiny bit cheaper but in Amsterdam it's much cheaper because it's not medication only.
  12. not a damn thing near me :|
  13. How do you think us on the East Coast feel...
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    Depends on strain and which place I go. Some places only sell by the gram, others do 1/8th and 1/4th ect.

    The place i'm talking about in this thread charges $45 for there highest quality eighth, down to $35 for other strains. Another place I go sells $25 eighths for everything, but the quality isnt as good.

    If your gonna buy just a gram you can find them for as low as $5 to as high as $22 (most places dont top $16 per G)

    OZ anywhere from $130 to $350 again depending on club and strain.

    that doesnt surprise me at all considering Texas doesn't have MMJ...
  15. i wouldve given him a prompt high five lol
  16. haha, sorry to those offended, but i just found it clever thus making it really funny. o man .

    thanks for sharing the story. and i wish i had a card and a dispensary. i know im 100% qualified to get it my stomach condition, and that i use it medicinally more then allllllot of ppl, even with cards.
    i just dont want to go through the hastle, cause my medical records are outdated(been using home remedies/cures), i just turned 19, and im still living at home.
    prob within a few years

  17. ouch.....
  18. lmmfao.

    I guess these dispensaries are only for those with medical cards? piss.
  19. umm he's not racist. That really is a legitmate strain name. You can buy the seeds online. Trainwreck X Afghani... I have had it, it's bomb

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