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the buds log

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by the buds, Aug 9, 2012.

  1. whats up blades!

    i had an account a while ago, but quite smoking for a bit and forgot the login info, so i just made a new one. i found the love for the herb again, and have been using it pretty heavily, so thought id make a new account. anyways welcome back :wave: haha

    right now im am just smoking out of a spoon and using papers. i used to have a vape, but not anymore :(

    just put my last nug in the grinder, but thought id post a pic anyways. its some nice and green fluffy ganja, no name dank. enjoy. ill try and update this every so often.

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  2. Welcome back man! Enjoy your herb :smoke:
  3. #3 the buds, Aug 10, 2012
    Last edited by a moderator: Aug 10, 2012
    just picked this no name dank up. went in with a buddy on a slice. we ended up getting 4 gs. the weed is ehh. it gets you stupidly stoned, but im more a fan of head highs so... and take a look at how dense these nugs are! its not the best bud, but its loaded with cbns

    i had some left over of my last batch which was some kind of hybrid and packed a bowl of them mixed together and it felt great!!

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  4. What was your old acc name. And im jealous i just spent my money on necessity's. I would love some herb though.
  5. Welcome back, blade. Enjoy your toke.

  6. I thought it was flying faded (something close to that) but i couldnt seem to log in so i dont know!
  7. keep us updated bro!
  8. sadly to say, town has been pretty dry lately. can only seem to find beasters for 50 a slice. just picked up a gram of dank today, but my dude didnt have enough for a slice :( so im gonna have to make this g last haha
  9. Or get super blown 1 time
  10. sorry its been a while. been very busy lately. just picked up some fluffy fluffy. Gives a very mellow high, might post a pic if i get around to it.
  11. Am I the only one who noticed the first picture was taken on a skateboard? Looks like griptape.
  12. got a new camera and took some pics just messin around and finally my nugs look dank like all the rest of you. my old camera just didnt have the mega pixels. but these look awesome imo. its what im smoking right now

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  13. cant smoke this bud before bed...was up all last night. great in the morning tho. I vape at 365 so that might also be why I rarely have success trying to get baked before bed. I love getting high right when I wake up tho. hard to start a day without doing that
  14. cool, your bud looks pretty frosty brother. I have only wake 'n baked once before but it was pretty cool. It's just not my thing because I like waking up as late as possible before going to work. I love ending my day high though.

    Keep updating whenever you can.
  15. yeah i feel ya, i used to smoke about an hour before bed, but when i vape it wakes me up, so only do it in the morning. its a great start to the day for me, and helps me stay focused with my school work.

    i also am very conservative with my bud because im quite broke so i try to stick to vaping whenever I can. more enjoyable and uses half the bud :)
  16. That's what i hear! I ordered an arizer solo yesterday. It should be here by tomorrow or Friday! :)
  17. awesome. if its anything like the extreme, you will like it. I didnt enjoy it at first but now i love the thing. let me know what you think

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