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the buds kicked my ass.

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by phunkyphil, Mar 4, 2003.


ever been waaay too fucked up?

  1. yeah

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  2. no

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  1. never underestimate BC shit.

    ..this is an account of the bad side of weed smoking. ive been up at whistler for the past weekend, taking a break from drugs for a couple days.. to relieve my sobriety, i went out and bought a ten of some incredible shit last night, and rolled up a giant cone, which i can usually smoke to the head no problem.. 'my tolerance cant be THAT high, can it?'

    well, i got through half the joint and was ripped beyond belief, seeing color cevs and barely able to walk.. easily the highest ive ever been

    ..later that night i realized i was coming down with the worst cold EVER, and had to deal with the symptoms in my heavily-shnonckered state.. this didnt go over to well with my body.

    and hour later i barely knew what the fuck was going on.. i was shaking so bad i couldnt even stand up, and fighting the urge to puke all over my bed.. when i tried to go to sleep, i ended up spending the next hour or 3 slipping in and out of consiousness, vaguely aware that my cold symptoms were due to ninjas attacking me in my bed. i think i was actually swinging my arms around, trying to fight them off.. after that i spent the rest of the night sniffing, hocking up the phelgm, and walking to the bathroom to spit it out.. over and over and over.. i was thinking about shaolin monks a lot too.. and i got like one hour of sleep, maybe :)

    needless to say, im not going to school today

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  2. shit dude. i voted yeah, but after reading your story i think i shoulda said no.
  3. Damn...sounds like you were trippin' dude. Maybe your shit was laced?
  4. never been too waisted..yet anyway!

  5. no trust me, it wasnt
  6. eh..could have been laced.

    cant always be positive enless you tested it.

    Its happened to me before, someone I trusted 100%. n It wasnt his fault, seems the person he got it from decided to lace it...needless to say he doesnt get it from him anymore
  7. i don't think it was laced, most people don't lace weed and then sell it for the same price, it is bad business, you lose money. i have heard of this happening, it has come close for me, when your tolerance is way down and then you go and hang with your friend who never stops puffing the super dank. it can really knock you flat, only couple of times that i felt i shouldn't drive home, did anyway though, it was all back roads.

    sucks you got sick dude
  8. my hookup is REALLLY busy, and sells to a huge amount of people from all walks of life.. he goes through like a pound every week, so i really doubt he would bother lacing it
  9. well im going to whistler at the end of this month :)
    and i have heard nothing but good things about the bud scene there
    i cant wait
  10. damn, i wish i was u, that musta been one fun nightm sounds like you got some laced weed, maybe a sprinke of shrooms, or a tiny bit of acid was dropped in there. damn, u r lucky! hehe!
  11. actually, it was about the worst ive ever felt in my life
  12. ive been way to fucked up offa drinking defintally but i dont ever remember getting so fucked up from weed that i got sick...........Only time ive gotten sick offa weed is if i take too big of a bong rip or something i might puke. I remember once they had as work a 48hr shift at work!! Just my luck i ended up getting a cold and at about hour 40 of no sleep my co-workers convinced me to still take some bong rips , well since i was allready sick and had been working 40hours with no sleep i puked with every hit of weed i took then i went to my car and went to sleep. So i dont think ive evern gotten sick from weed except puking but thats more allready being sick or just taking too big of a hit for my lungs.

  13. lmao...
  14. i smoked this weed from down in the city once that was so strong i thought it was gonna kill me. to this day i swear it couldn't have been just weed. i smoked about a gram of it with a friend. some in a bong, some in a J. i went into my room and layed on my bed... i then proceeded to lay in that exact position for the next 3 hours. i couldn't move any part of my body at all, my breathing got tight, and i got that ominous feeling that if i fell asleep i might not wake back up.

    i've never smoked anything like it before or since, and the high was not at all like a weed high... so i'm like 99% sure it had something else in it.

    lol, other than that i've never really been "too stoned"... at least not from weed. mixed some pills that shouldn't have been mixed once. got too stoned from that.

    sorry to hear ya got sick PP. hope ya feel well soon. :D

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