The Budget - This Just Has To Be Said

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    Things that make you go hmmm: The Budget - This Has To Be Said

    The Budget - This Has To Be Said
    I've been saying that watching our government act on the budget "crisis" has been like watching a pro wrestling event or daytime soap opera. It's all scripted for entertainment and means nothing. I see Gerald Celente has coined the term Washington Wresting Federating. It fits.

    Turn on your logic and reasoning for the rest of this. First of all the "cap" is an arbitrary number and the "deadline" is an arbitrary date. I know they have long winded explanations for the number and date, but they will ultimately just increase the number and extend the date just like they have the last fifteen times this has happened. If every time you reach a limit you raise it, it's not a limit. If every time you reach a deadline you extend it, it's not a deadline. It's a game to keep the weak minded distracted.

    That in itself should break you free from the false belief that anything you see on the news or hear come out of these puppets mouths is anything other than smoke and mirrors. But here are some other salient points concerning the US budget, debt, and the stomach churning WWF show that is destroying our lives daily in an only all-too real way:

    • The US debt is $14 trillion. Since the economic collapse in 2008 the Fed and the Treasury created $16 trillion out of thin air and gave it to AIG, Goldman Sachs and a small number of other corporations. Think about it.
    • The US is war broke. Between the normal Pentagon budget and wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan and now Libya we spend over $1 trillion annually on our military. This number is obscene in comparison to every other nation on earth. We could more than cut that number in half and still outspend China, France, UK, Russia, Japan and Germany - the next SIX largest spenders - COMBINED.
    • None of the mainstream discussions will include defense spending cuts. ALL discussions will be about cutting Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid, and raising taxes. The end result is the rich will get richer and the poor will be broken. This is the agenda and all the noise on TV is the cover.
    • A significant portion of US military spending now goes to privately owned independent contractors so that war and death have a clear profit motive. These profit driven entities have been shown to commit unprovoked murder in broad daylight, to knowingly poison and electrocute US troops, and to participate in the cover up of brutal gang rapes by incarcerating the victim under armed guard. In every case the US government has protected the contractor, sometimes in violation of treaty and international law. More often than not they get rewarded with larger contracts. In this context what does it mean to support the troops?
    • On September 10, 2001 the day before the attack that changed the world Donald Rumsfeld the Secretary of Defense announced the Pentagon couldn't find $2.3 trillion. Hmmm, that turned out to be a really, really lucky day to make that announcement because the next day the entire world forgot all about it. A few trillion here, a few trillion there and pretty soon you're talking about real money. Do you think this is accidental or a result of incompetence? Do you think these people could fix this even if they wanted to?
    • Since George Bush took office huge tax breaks were handed out to the oil industry and the wealthiest Americans. Giant corporations use legal wrangling and lobbying (bribery to you and I) to avoid taxes and use the savings to move jobs overseas. Some, like GE the richest corporation on the planet, gamed the system to pay no taxes at all last year. Why can't we solve these injustices which would help balance the budget? Wakey Wakey. They don't want to because they are the rich ones and they are being paid well to insure a return to investors and executive bonuses keep flowing. This has nothing to do with government of the people, by the people and for the people.
    • One major item on the books is $1.6 trillion in interest to the Federal Reserve Board. According to the Constitution the job of managing the US Dollar belongs to Congress. That job was given to a privately owned bank called the Federal Reserve Board. Against all logic, reason and common sense the US now "borrows" dollars from the "Fed" who then charges us interest. One voice of reason, Congressman Ron Paul has suggested returning to the Constitution (gasp!), drawing a big line through that $1.6 trillion (I don't think the guys who own the Federal Reserve Board will become destitute), and giving Congress back the job of the money. Thank you Ron Paul, but say - whatever happened to auditing their books? That just might solve all our problems in one fell swoop.
    • Did you know Vice President Joe Biden is charging us rent because he has to house the Secret Service agents that are protecting him? Here is a radical slant - our politicians seem to think they are royalty. I thought this was a public service job? Let's cut back on some of those taxpayer funded perks, huh? And how many politicians does it take to destroy a country and enslave a people anyway? I bet we could cut the number of elected officials in Washington in half, save a pile and get twice as much done. Speaking of which, is there any kind of performance based compensation package we could put in place here?
    Those are a lot of numbers I know. And who really likes bulleted lists anyway? But if you had the stomach to read it you are hopefully beginning to see the budget "crisis" for what it is. It DOES NOT matter in any way whether the face on TV is a Republican or Democrat, or which side is arguing which position. The script has been written and the end result is known.

    The WWF soap opera fed to you by the US media is designed to scare you, plant the necessary language and ides for the oppressive laws that will soon be passed, and continue the illusion that we matter to them any more than cattle to keep them fat.

    My predictions:

    If taxes get raised it won't happen by making corporations pay a fair share and eliminating those morally offensive Bush era tax breaks, it will happen by attacking the middle class.

    If spending gets cut it won't be in any way that affects the industries that profane the great promise of this country by usurping the system through bribes (campaign contributions - sorry), it will be in programs that help the poorest and those most in need.

    Profits will be good if you're in the guided missile business.

    Their greed is insatiable and there will never be enough. Like drug addicts they will destroy everything to keep their personal wealth and power trip going. It will only end if we stop it. If we do we could create paradise instead.
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  4. I liked your post for the most part but this wreaks of those "media implanted ideas" you spoke of. The bush tax cuts were not immoral, in fact it is taxation that is immoral. The problem, as you have outlined it, is not that the government cannot generate enough revenue, it is that they spend like drunken fucking idiots with no care for their dependents. How about we agree to spend less and tax everyone less so the government isn't such a burden on our society? Maybe we can try that idea after this system disintegrates -- the idea that every person should be personally responsible for their own well being. Then government would never grow to have the kind of power that made these catastrophic problems possible. If we didn't give government the power to tax us, they wouldn't have control of our money, and couldn't waste it (spend it on bombs, set up ballooning entitlement programs that will be impossible to continue funding in the future while acting as if we will all get our money in the end, ect.) Giving the gov. power to tax the people is giving away a massive part of the people's control over their own well being. It's fucked up.

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