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  1. So i guess the only question is.. Would anyone recommend it? A local shop has a Christmas sale for and they said they'd hit the buddha for 180. Im really thinking about just havnt had the last decision yet. Any help would be appreciated :smoke:
  2. its not the buddha
    its da budda vaporizer (dbv)
  3. 180 is a bangin deal, my friend! especially if you don't have to wait for it to come from some stupid online store. i paid 200 even for mine and couldn't be happier. it's not the most conservative vap but it gives really fat hits. you actually have to be careful, i find myself biting off more than i can chew when i vape through the ole bong sometimes.
  4. Most sincere apologies.

    Toker- Much appreciated i think ill have to go pick this one up then :D . black or silver :confused:
  5. black def
    if you want silver get the
  6. no problem! :D when you get it, you gotta do some vaporbonging, i always have to recommend that.
    meh i got the silver one, so i prob got ripped cuz the black ones are usually more, but i like the silver color. the finish on the black ones looks gritty in pictures? could someone with a black one confirm this? i really like the silver though, total class ;)
  7. I got mine for like $135ish on Ebay over a year ago and I can't say enough good things about it. I have smoked out of it nearly every day since I got it and it's even survived a couple of hard falls without any misfortune. I also agree that vapor-bonging is an absolute must, tis what I'm doing right now :bongin:
  8. hopefully they have a black instock cause thats what ill be getting, the buddha stand out more on it but hopefully it is a smooth surface like the silver. ill probly get a vapor bong in tomorrow, just stick hose in downstem ?
  9. yes. yesyesyesyesyes. YES.

    Haha thats how much i loved mine man.
  10. if it's a 14.4mm joint size it works without a glass on glass attachment, however you need one if it's an 18.8mm
  11. I think it comes with a glass attatchment, at least thats how he was making it sound.
  12. I've got three vapes, MLFB, Extreme Q and da Buddha. Da Buddha is the most used of the three. has some great info on them.
  13. GOT IT ! :hello::D:smoke::smoke::D

    any tips :eek:
  14. Congrats.. Da Buddha is a great vape. I've been using mine daily for like a month now. Experiment around with trying to find your "sweet spot" when it comes to temperatures. Load up the bowl about 1/3 to 1/4 full (more is less when it comes to vaporizing), start off at a lower temperature (say 10-11 O clock) and start taking hits. Keep increasing the temperature bit by bit till you find you're getting nice tasty hits like you want, and then just remember that temperature and always vape at it.. it's different on all DBV's but is usually around the 12 mark. I usually set mine at about 1130-1145.

    p.s when loading up the wand, since its at a 90 degree angle sometimes the bud can fall straight into the bowl, so to solve this, after you've loaded the bowl and are about to put it into the dbv to vape, start inhaling through the mouthpiece to keep some suction on the bud and hold it in place, and then put the wand in and enjoy your hit :D
  15. Appreciate it much. Thats the only problem ive had first time using it i guess some of the herb fell out the wand and down by the heater device and almost went a flame :eek:
  16. yeah be careful, one of my friends laughed while hitting my buddha and the bud shot into the heater cover.. but if you just do what i do on a freshly packed bowl, it stays packed after you hit it one or two times. that's the only real problem with this vape, bud can fall into the heater area. oh yeah, make sure you have your buddha on a softish surface or like a mousepad or something for atleast a few days, since its very easy to not be used to it and yank the wand out and smash it (i did this the first day i got mine)

    i just scraped a little bit of the residue aka wand hash out and im vaping it as we speak.. 2 hits in and im pretty blazed already haha
  17. hahahah i want to be able to enjoy this more tonight, hopefully ill be able to get myself a little sack. all i have right now is some beasters for edibles but i dont think thatll taste to good in it
  18. nah man try it out, anything goes in a vape
  19. You only get bud in the heater element when somebody blows into the wand by coughing for example, it won't just fall in there if you're using it correctly. The only time I have ever had this happen was when my friends underestimated Da Buddha and they took too big of a hit and got choked up on the wand burning away plenty of dank weed. Or if somebody knocks into Da Buddha when the wand is in the heater and the bowl isn't packed down very well, but this can also be avoided by simply using the glass pick to pack the bowl down properly so that the weed won't move inside unless you were to blow into it.

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