The Bud Fairy

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by JRR Tokin', Jun 6, 2006.

  1. Yeah, so i thought i'd share a story with you guys...

    A few months ago, me and my two best friends were sitting on a bench outside some shops, stoned as hell. We had NO money, not two pennies between us, but we had the munchies like mad. So there we were, sitting on a bench, stoned and starving, with no hope of getting any food. But then, this old lady who is walking past, turns to us 3 on the bench, and, smiling, gives us each a full pack of MUNCHIES CHOCOLATE, "One for you.. one for you.. and one for you!" WE COULD NOT BELIEVE IT. We thanked her so much, spent a few seconds going "Oh my god!!", and proceeded to eat our chocolate.

    It was ridiculous enough, but the fact that the chocolates were Munchies was... out of this world.

    So yeah, unbelievable, but 100% true.


    From then on, anything good that happens to us, like once i was out of cigarettes and i found a full pack on the floor, happens because of the bud fairy.

  2. hahhhahah yesterday myt friend was like i want ice cream and behold the first one we see is 'half baked!!' bar.. omg he was on top of that shit
  3. Lol. The Bud Fairy.
  4. ahah thats gnarly
  5. heh, that kicks ass one night i was feining for a stogie and i found a blunt.;) i rolled a phatty but i didnt get my stogie.
  6. yeah i love when shit like that happens, it was like one time i wanted to smoke up but i didnt have anything to smoke with, no papers, no pipes, nothing and i couldnt make a bong because all i had was tin foil for a bowl so i was going into my room and i saw a cigar sitting right underneath a magazine on my desk. I was like sweet so i rolled up a blunt and was very happy.
  7. maybe she was high too?
  8. Once I was puttin gas on my car, and when i looked to the floor next to the gas pump, i seen around 10 grams of herb, and some coke... Well i dont do drugs just weed, but cant do that either (probation), so i just gaved it to my boy....
  9. It's Cherry Garcia watching over us all
  10. Haha some good shit guys..

    But yeah, it was the weirdest thing ever... we were in total shock. We were convinced it didnt actually happen, but then we still had the wrappers.

    I mean, wtf, one pack between us would have been weird, but 3 packs of Munchies?

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