the bud called kind

Discussion in 'General' started by kindbudhero, Jun 24, 2004.

  1. what has happend kindbud/kb is being slaughter i deal the wonderful kb but just the other day the small kids i forget their names stopped by for a 20 i talked to the kid instead o saying can i get a 20 or 20 of kind he goes can i get some k...what in the fuck is k... so i think and relize what he wants so i say yeah he say a 20 so yadayada but what the hell he is reducing one greatest bud to nothing but a single letter like itis just reg wtf.....stupid kids
  2. Dude, k stands for ketamine. It's a cat tranquilizer that people snort usually to get sedated and trippy.
  3. When thye said k they ment kb fucking kids
  4. Hey man, welcome to the city. You call it kindbud, but do you know what strain it is? I don't know that kindbud is the proper term either, but it gets the point across better than k, definitely.
  5. KB is usually reserved for the best Buds in the area. Of course they're are probally better bud out there, but KB is used to described "Dank/Chronic" that normally meets a higher standard, but of course there are those who try to sell you Schwag as KB.

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