The Brown Paper Bag Method

Discussion in 'High Ideas' started by TheHighestRoller, Dec 13, 2019.

  1. To better dry your cannabis make sure before you pull the plant out of the ground that you gave it 5days to 1week to flush out all nutrients and water out of the plants, this is important for the quality of the final product. Once you pull it cut it into smaller spears of nugs that are small enough to fit in a bag. Get a bunch of brown paper bags and start filling them with the nugs, fill them about half way leaving room to where its not to crowded in the bag, this will speed up the process. Leave the nugs in the paper bags in a dark dry place for 1week - 2 weeks, try to shake and move the nugs around every now and then. dont open them daily only open them about 5 days in to check dryness and check again after 1 week. Once the stems snap and it feels dry it is ready to cure. Dont leave it in the bags for to long because it will get to dry and wont cure properly

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