The "broken piece" thread

Discussion in 'General' started by Resin Lung, May 13, 2011.

  1. List the most idiotic way you've ever shattered a bong or ruined a vape, use details.

    Mine: I once was trying to clean out my 3 ft Khaos triple perc a month or so after purchasing it, I was violently shaking it to dislodge the resin, swishing the water around. Well, it shattered from making contact with the stainless-steel sink, demolished it to bits (the bubble).

    Poor me.
  2. drunk friend dropped it in rotation, rip lizard
  3. Was he beheaded soon after?

  4. you mean immediately?
  5. That sucks, I'd make him consume the glass shards as punishment for his crime. :devious:
  6. Toking Tools needs to have a sticky called "The Graveyard" where everyone can share stories and pictures of their broken pieces.

    Of course I wouldn't have anything to share because somehow I've never broken glass. Well I broke a slider once when I was scraping it out but the glass was mega thin so it cracked a big hole in the bottom of the slider. Otherwise I've never broken anything its always been my friends breaking things or the cops taking them :(
  7. my 2 foot pure got kicked over while wrestling
  8. Mine has a shitty story behind it.

    just spent 35-40$ on a brand new piece and you now how you instantly fall in love with it.
    Well it was the fuckin worst week ever and it was back when i was a Jr in Hs
    and my cat had died that week and i was finding out my mom was dieing far in
    another state. I just got done taking A huge ass test and i dipped out of class
    because i was pissed cause my cat died that morning and i went outside to smoke

    and i loaded my last bowl of really good shit all i had left, no money..
    went in my garage set it down to grab a soda from the fridge outside and it hit
    some how it rolled off the shelf and shattered under neithe my dads car and
    i had to get under my car and grab all that glass and i ended up cutting my hand
    had to get back to class, next hour no weed or nothin last bowl...

    needless to say it was a short lived pipe and a very bad day to say the least,
    but shit everyone has bad days and i havent had one since and its been 2 years :)
  9. I bought my boyfriend a nice bong for his birthday. When we moved we forgot it at our old place (where our old roommates were still living). Shortly after we found out that somehow the entire neck just broke off. -_-
  10. well , i stood up to open my garage to let my buddy in. as i stood up it did not fall out of my lap.. but when i walked to the opener, it dropped somehow

    #too high
  11. That sounds terrible man, a shit-storm.
  12. A "friend" broke my piece in half by trying to get some resin balls using a thick fuckin' nail.

    What a cocksucker.
  13. People always seem to be a little less gentle with pieces that belong to their friends. Thats what you call a inept d-bag.
  14. I used to have a fully functional bubbler named Margo, which was pretty much the coolest bubbler that I've ever bought online.

    Well once, when i was getting ready to clean it, I stood up from my desk and accidentally bumped it, causing the bubbler to fall off and landed on the side-rail of my bed which was metal, and broke the neck.

    The worst part is, it was a clean break, and i tried taping it for a while and it worked pretty well. Eventually, I gave up and bought a bong, never looked back after that.

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