The british are coming!!!

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  1. Wait, actually there already here ;) I came home to find out that we have these people staying w/ us from Great Britain. My parents picked them up hitch hiking in hawaii one day while we were there and they invited them to come visit us if they were ever in the area because they live on a boat and sail it all around the world.

    Then last week my parents get a call from them saying that there in town and they have some bad news. They were on there way to Vancouver from Canada and they went into this fog and got hit by a Japanese fishing boat. Can you imagine, your out in the middle of the ocean, you haven't seen any boats for like 5 days and all the sudden there's this fog and bam, your fuckin' mast is in the water and guess where the antenna for the radio is. yep, thats right it's now in the water on your mast and the boat that hit youis still going. Thank god for them it finally turned around and came back.

    They got as much stuff off the boat as they could and got on the japanese boat. The Japanese people hooked up there boat and started towing it back to Seattle. On there way here though disaster struck again and the boat broke apart and sank. shitty huh?

    So now there here staying with us for a couple of days. Yesterday they went and bought a used R.V. that there going to live in until the get the insurance money to get a new boat.
    But, when they went to pick it up, it runs like shit. They have to jump it every time they stop because it needs a new alternator and god knows what else.

    I feel so bad for them, they are the cutest people. I love there accents and there so nice and cheerful.

    I'm really shocked at my parents though, they meet these people once and they just give them a key and let them stay at our house while we are not here. Ain't that some crazy shit?
  3. I totally agree with ya Critter, helping people is where it's at but at first it was a little weird. They could have cleaned us out if they wanted to, but they leave there stuff here w/ me while they are gone though so I guess that takes some trust and hey, I guess it's probably weird for them too. We could be a family of psychos for all they know.

    They are really awesome people, they just sail around experiencing all the different places in the world, that would be so fucking cool. They have some sweet pictures. On September 11 they were at this Dolphin research place and they got to stay there for like 2 weeks and swim with the dolphins every day.

    If they can't find a new boat like there old one around here, there going to drive over to the east coast. They said they wouldn't really mind because they would like to visit the caribean and Cuba again. AGAIN, it must be a hard-knock
    life ;)
  4. wow it sounds like there having a great time in there life, i hope someday i can do something like that. But i don't see that happening i'll probably be poor forever. Your parents are good people!
  5. yeah..but the important question they smoke?
  6. Well you know they DRINK- almost every brit does- with the exception of a few people who don't (BUT TRY NOT TO GIVE THEM AMERICAN MISC "BEER"- GIVE THEM LAGER/BITTER FROM EUROPE/FOSTRALIA- FUCKING AMERICANS CAN PUT MAN ON THE MOON BUT NOT MANAGE A GOOD BEER- WATERED DOWN PISS). But be aware of signs of football (oh alright "soccer" stupid fuckers- IT'S FOOTBALL- NOT THAT I CARE) hooliganism. Say hello from switchey boy.

    Oh and no more anti brit jokes from you Aussies(stereotypical drunks) or Yanks (who are a bit to patriotic to take jokes- in my experience- so I won't go into that).
  7. rrrarrrrr switch..someone's a bit fiesty today...hey...I like American beer!....well...some of it..but I know what you mean when you say watered down piss. Im not a beer drinker anyway..thats for pansies(yes like you switch...PANSY) gotta go for the hard alkyhole like vodka, a little jack daniels etc.

    but if I had to go with beer I suppose a nice guiness wouldn't so bad..even though it was made by you crazy europeans...

    PS please dont reply with any mean yank jokes switch as im too sensitive and will begin to cry
  8. your parents ARE good people, how wonderful to know there are such friendly open-minded people out there that exist.

    what a wonderful life, traveling for a living.
    enjoy your visitors, 420girlie, and wish them the best of luck in their travels, hopefully their luck will turn around~

  9. Heheh speaking of vodka, I just spent the day chiefin' bowls and drinking skyy with orange juice. fun fun fun ;)
  10. Godamn that would be awesome sailing around the world. Are they independantly wealthy? Good fishin skills? I would worry, doing something like that, that I wouldnt find people like your parents in my travels.


  11. Haha! They are spies... I know because I sent them myself, from my hollowed out mountain spring in jolly ol' England!

    They have for your brains! Muahahahaaa!!!
  12. I may just take you up on that one day fellow. =)


  13. Yer but if you drink PROPER ALE (SAMUEL SMITH'S D PILLS AND BITTER AND SHIT- rather than american carbonated and coloured water aka Beer?!?!?!?!) then you will be drinking proper alcohol and will have no right to call me a pansy. But you can make spirits (you yanks that is)- I'll give you that. I do like a good JD- SO NO CALLING ME A PANSY OR I'LL KICK YOUR KIDDY FIDDLING ARSE, ICE CREAM MAN!

    Europe, crazy??? HA- YOU voted the world's stupidest man as president.

    "Most of our imports come from abroad."- George Bush

    "If you can read this, you're not the president." A german protestor.

    Memories of the Kyoto summit, anyone- YEAH!! FUCK MOTHER EARTH- LET'S MAKE LOADS OF MONEY.
  14. cool story, but i have a queastion about location. you said they were going to vancouver from canada. well, vancouver IS in canada. where were they actually trying to go and from where?

    i can't imagine having a boat wreck twice. bad luck.
  15. I'm british and the only american beer I like is samuel jones or smiths or something. :eek:

    By ex lives in F.L. and the last time I went there, man, was I thirsty for a good beer...

    The weed is not as good as UK's either.

    Anyway, nice strory. Bit of bad luck but they sound loaded so I'm sure they are cool.

  16. hey switch man where u from son
  17. myself also dont think there is a lot of us at grasscity I agree with you on the ale SMITHS+ BODDINGTONS

    KICK ASS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  18. guinness is where's it's at!!! :)


    did you know you can live on guinness and milk for a month and you'll get all the nutrients you'll need

  19. fuck you

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