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    I took some clones from my current grow to make mothers for next year. I have 3 NL#2’s and one Sativa mother. The sativas get so large I am thinking of doing a mostly indica grow for next year. I also have one Lethal Purple mother (from seed which I need to clone) and ten seeds that went into 8 hours light today to sex. Today being <st1:date year="2007" day="25" month="8">August 25<sup>th</sup> 2007</st1:date>. I am growing them under a 250 watt Harmony Grow Bulb. Here are some pictures from 11 days ago in the cloning tray.

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  2. Here is the bulb I am using...

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  3. Here are some shots of the mothers as of 3 minutes ago.

    I am trimming every other leaf on the sativa to keep her small (Refer to picture below). I do not have much room for sativas to be growing crazy. Well I have the room though not the money for electric. I trimmed the indicas (nl2) abit as well to compact the nodes a bit.

    They are on 24 hours of light at current time as the Lethal is an auto flowering strain which I reverted back to veg.

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  4. Here are some shots of the Indica Oaisis mothers from today.

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  5. Here are some pictures of just now.

    I just started the four foot track. 5 minutes each way.

    The sativa is leaning down and about to get another hair cut.

    About to take some more clones

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  6. Here are the 19 babies the three mothers, out of the cloning tray themselves on August 15, have so far produced. All with only one 250w cfl Harmony Grow Bulb.

    The mothers are here too. They have a couple clones that can be cut though I do not want to start another tray just yet. They can relax for a few more days.

    Next year should be good. 27 bails of promix so far and counting ready to go.

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  7. My closet felt empty so I decided to start up another tray. I found 26 more clones to come off my three, month old mothers.

    Here are some photos.
    The new tray (26 clones)
    The old tray (lethal purple flowering clones yellowing a bit. Two NLs came out today. One was put in a one gallon.)(The four larger square containers are the Lethals)(The yellow leaf in the middle on the NL is from when I touched it to the bulb or more dropped the bulb on the plant)
    The shorter mothers.

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  8. Wow those clones are looking good, i hope to do the same off my outdoor plant so i can veg the plants over the winter and produce some monsters outside. Have you ever made seeds?
  9. Yes.

    My first indoor grow was began 2000 in Branford CT. I grew three beaster seeds in a dresser I gutted out then reassembled so the front would lift off under a 150 watt hps.

    I got one male and two females. I crossed one of the males with a female and got Ripple.

    Now since it was a backcross I had to deal with hermies until she balanced herself out.

    She started my professional grower career.

    I moved up to VT after that and filled up my house with plants very quickly. I had Jack, NL 1, AK 47, Haze and Ripple

    When the power would go out (crazy winters with 4 feet on the ground of snow) I would get some seeds though only a few as I had a perpetual harvest. They were always female seeds.

    I am crossing NL2 with Lethal Purple outdoors now and will see what I came out with shortly.

    How about you?
  10. NL2 X Lethal Purple sounds like it should be nice.

    I wanna see that.
  11. Me too. I am not sure when I will be starting the seeds though rest assured I will do my best to plant them in the swamp next year. I supplies coming in as we speak to get things proper. Its real cool and very new so stay tuned. Thanks for stopping in. Come back any time, glad to have you.
  12. Some pictures from today. The drying room and trimmings

    I harvested some of my plants today. Just got done trimming about 60 or so colas. Cant wait to see the NL2 Lethal Purple cross. I got tons of seeds from them. I crossed the Lethal Purple male with some sativas as well.

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  13. awesome dude
  14. So I come home the other day and my window on my front door is smashed. I go inside and walk up to the room. The room usually has a lock on the door. A combination lock. It was on in the morning though was laying on the floor open and uncut. Half of my new clones and three of my mother plants were taken. I hooked up another full time 250watt cfl to make up for the loss and installed a better lock. I put up a fence today and am thinking of getting a puppy or full grown dog soon. I would like to get a rottie female and pit male and see if they like each other. The first half of the harvest is dry. Plenty of NL2 / Lethal Purple cross seeds which I am calling Northern Purple. I am thinking about setting up shop on my site and see if the feds would like to do anything. I transplanted 5 clones today. Today has been a beautiful day of productivity and yummy buds. Got to go fill the pipe again. Hope all is well with every one.
  15. it sounds like your the grow and math master. i read some of your math the other day i think it was yours ne way. very impressive grows btw.
  16. how much did all that end up weighing?(stuff in dry room) if you dont mind me asking.
  17. Almost 27 ounces. I should have about 50 ounces when the sativa is brought in and dryed.

    pm's welcome

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