The break-up thread

Discussion in 'Sex, Love & Relationships' started by BongSquad, Mar 21, 2012.

  1. Yesterday, after leaving me with a few hickeys, my girlfriend told me she liked girls, which she decided was best to tell me over text, even though we were hanging out earlier the same day.
    Reminds me of highschool.
    I wont generalize all women so I'll leave it at this: the women who make their way into my life are incomprehensible.
    lemme hear your break up stories GC?

    also, kind of related, when me and my ex split up two years she threw a dildo at me and it gave me a black eye.

  2. Oh my gah. Hahahahaha.

    All my break ups have been the girl crying, hugging me, then after like 20 minutes I dip and say call me if you need me. Gotta wean them off the D man... wean...
  3. I once broke up with a chick in middle school cuz she broke both her arms.

    I know, not my finest hour.
  4. I told three chicks on a conference call that I was getting married and didn't want to see them anymore. 1 was a serious girlfriend, 2 was a fuck buddy, 3 was a fuck buddy. Girl number 2 was actually in the room with me and the other two were on speaker phone.

    I was a cold sonuvabitch back then.

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