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The brand NEW 5-5-5 Deal!

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Durchii, Apr 10, 2006.

  1. Was looking around at the local King Soopers, a market around here in the freezer section for some Munchies and came across boxes of those Totino's pizzas. It also had a great sign on them, 10 for $10!


    MOVE OVER 5-5-5 DEAL! I think the supermarket just owned you, but you had a good run Dominos!

    Heh, Im kidding, I love the 555 deal, and its always nice to know someone can make pizzas for you, but 10 pizzas for 10 bucks? You have to admit thats pretty good.. And they taste awesome too.
  2. What the hell are you on about? Lol :D
  3. haha yeah that is a good deal and i love those totinos party pizzas my favorite is sausage:hello::smoke:
  4. Fuck the 5-5-5 if you getting 10 for $10.

  5. Can someone explain to me what the 5-5-5 is please?

    Lol :D
  6. I just finished that pizza in the pics, im so full... Mmmm, Oh its such a nice feeling when you know you wont have to eat any of this shit for a while :)

    edit: and the 555 deal is a Domino's deal where you can get three medium pizzas for 5 dollars each.
  7. haha yeah our grocery stores have those they're like like 97 cents, I always buy a bunch and eat them when I'm really drunk/stoned lol.
  8. Don't forget about the 7-7-7 deal. Lol.
  9. That's difinitely is a good deal bro, good find.
  10. I'm the same exact way, haha.. most of the time during I eat them during agrocrag mode (when im reaalllyyy shit faced) i don't even remember the next morning.. I'll either look in the garbage and see the empty box or ill see a 7-11 bag on the table with a receipt that reads something like: 3 taquitos - $2.99, turket and cheese sandwich - $1.99, totinos - $1.89 ...something to that effect, lol..
  11. both the 5-5-5 deal and the pizza posted above suck ass. I used to eat those but they are just so bad.

  12. Waking up the next morning with a tummy ache and no idea what happened the night before : Priceless.
  13. hahaha for real, that stuff would mess you up

    those pizza look delicious, but id still prefer to just pick up the phone and be like dominos guy, make me 2 XLP please
  14. Ya Dominoes owns but it's also a hit to your stack (wallet) nicefind my friend I liv eon these and Ellio's also $1 and the McD's $1 menu!
  15. pizza and coke is by far, the best stoner food ever. it's so tasty and convenient.

    In fact, just from reading this thread, I'm going to go down to the local 24 hour grocery store, and pick up a frozen pizza.

    have a good night all.

  16. Those Are Fucking Awesome
  17. amen dude, amen. when i was in high school one of my best friends would make those shitty totino's pizzas every damn time we had the munchies and let me put it this way

    id rather eat a used sock stuffed with dead baby heads
  18. Fuck the 555 and the 777 deal. I work for Domino's as a driver and there's not much worse than at 12:45 some shitfuck out in the boonies has the munchies and calls for 2 extravaganzas and a hawaian. It apparently isn't good enough for that guy that he just got 3 pizzas with a shitload of toppings for $23 no he has to get his all of his change too.
  19. lay off the munchies, cause yall sound liek fatties

    just a warning
  20. i would give anything for a big pile of food to appear on my table, i got the muchies REAL BAD

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