The Boys and Girls Guide to Getting Down

Discussion in 'Movies' started by rvbball, Feb 8, 2009.

  1. Have any other blades seen this movie?

    Basically explains how to party and go out with drugs

    Really funny movie, if you haven't seen this I suggest you check it out.
  2. My cousin has that movie. Its so funny! That movie is good because it teaches you some fairly good things. Marijuana? Mari-nada!
  3. man i love this movie! the cocaine part always cracks me up..
  4. The bouncer school is pretty hi-larious too. The "hot dogs" on the back of their head. haha
  5. Cocaines a hell of a drug. For all you part time coke enthusiasts or anyone who likes a good movie check out Cocaine Cowboys and Blow. Dope movies about the two largest coke distributors from So Cal; (George Hung) racking in 100 mill and (La Madrina/Charles Cosby) in Florida pushing 75/100 kilos a week, upwards to 1,000,000 profit a trip.
  6. Yeah. Blow is no doubt a Depp classic.

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