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The bottle rocket

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Tihspeed, Mar 24, 2012.

  1. I was searching the net for a concentrate container or mega small stash jar for a project and found this


    looks pretty sick... the first pic is a link... only 37 bucks... might get it for shits and giggles... anyone have one?
  2. I've seen similar items around, this is probably the most well made one I've seen.
  3. I got it....smoke report when I fire it up

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  4. Or you could take the 37 dollars and buy a spoon pipe and just make an old school gravity bong with a socket wrench. This just seems like a waste of money to me.

  5. Not if you like gadgets and quality of smoke. If you just wanna get high, then yeah sure:smoke:
  6. I've smoked out of tinfoil pipes to get high....exactly like Gerald said I like gadgets and grow my own to ensure quality.... But the comments good or bad are appreciated... Otherwise this wouldn't be a discussion board
  7. Let us know how this is, looks like a "cool" purchase rather than a practical one, I approve.
  8. Super huge bowl, smokes super nice....super faded off some strawberry cough here....wish I had more of a tolerance to really test this thing out

    Mild metal taste, even with a soaking in dish soap to remove oils...

    Still a very solid purchase for someone like me who only uses a regular pipe on the weekend

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  9. Looks legit.

    Its just like a water bottle bong accessory?
  10. Ha, I love the box.
  11. Dude that is sick. I might have to make one.(bit of a handyman myself) I love making stuff like that. For the down stem i will use stainless steal.
  12. don't really know.... I found it by accident on amazon and couldn't live without it... hooks to any sort of bottle... I just happen to love 1 liter tonic bottles, I love vodka tonics and smoking

    thanks... I keep my grinder in the box so it does not shatter the mason jar i keep it in to ensure no stink leaks out

    thanks bro... keep me posted with the result... im super interested

  13. I know this is totally old AF but where can I find this or a better one now? Looks like there is no site and amazon doesnt have it? Thanks guys


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