The Boss's Interpretation To Members Nicks

Discussion in 'General' started by weedboss, Sep 9, 2003.

  1. Bud Head - Your Complete Pot Head

    Digit - Scientific usuage formulas

    Reform Mary Jane Laws - Nuff Said

    THC101 - Smokin Competition 1 On 1

    Obliviot - A oblivious idiot

    Kind Of Bongish - Wants to be a Bong

    Hatebreeder - Puts abit of hate in all of us

    Gravy - Wet and Tasty

    Hippie John - A guy named John who is a 21st century hippie

    Superjoint - The Perfect Joint

    Big Poppa Puff - The biggest toker no contest in smokin competitions he's the Poppa

    MsLegallyBlonde - She really is blonde

    Sensimil - Smokin Strictly Sensi

    Sidious - Darth Sidious is a chilling specter of evil

    Dr Krapp - He is too modest not so Krapp afterall Doc

    GanjaMom - The One who knows everything about the herb

    IGotTheCottons - Dame CottonMouth

    Critter - The Ultimate Marijuana crittik

    420 Shade - Smokes greenz on the shade

    AdamBC - He was here before Jesus christ himself

    MrSmokesBigBuds - This guy jus rips his buds and puts them into a spliff and blazes up

    The Hempress - Wears a Hemp Dress

    Zonedude - A dude who's in the zone

    Bud Stuffer - Pack that shit up too the max

    IndianaToker - A toker from Indiana

    Woody - Takes too much Viagra

    Stylez1877 - Been Styling it since 1877
  2. o_O

    Im not on well lol

    Obliv isnt a idiot..hes loverly..:)

  3. What you chatting bout dude you so are and obliviot is a lovely oblivious idiot :D
  4. woo! i made it onto a list! :D

  5. Ya hit the nail on the head bud!! :D
  6. actually i wasnt here a day before jesus. infact, we were born on the same day. both of us were born in a manger (sp?) I actually didnt have a father either... and these three smart guys gave me presents all day...

    hold on one second!! this could only mean one thing!!

    Zonedude must be jesus!!!! :O :O :O

    (dont ask me... his name was the first to come to mind.)

    (uh oh... is that a sign?? i hope not...)
  7. awww.. im feeling left out.. im going to go cry now

  8. True

    Soz if n e one feels left out i just done those from the top of my head and some are just unexplainable.
  9. OOOh OOOh!! Do me! Do me!
  10. Stoned_Soldier - a Soldier who get's stoned under duty like's to live life on the edge!
  11. Complete pot head?????

    I can live with that!!!!

  12. don't know if this is a good or a bad thing.....:D

    hey... if the ladies like it though... who the hell cares.....:)

  13. Wrong, CS stands for Counter-strike, and he shoots in that game. Therefore, CS_shoota.
  14. I really need to get a hemp dress :)

  15. think about it, everyones mouth wraped around your tube suck,suck, that would be everyoneone :D
    still want to be a bong?
  16. damn, I'm never on any lists ya damn list nazis
  17. Look out!!!! The bunny is disgruntled.... :D
  18. unoit....knows it all, and does it correctly
    inferiorwang...most likely not
    zia...ryhmes with seeya :D
    buzz..self explanitory
    highawatha...a girl with a vivid imagination
    krazihare....a disgruntled bunny with a messed up haredo
    daisyduked....might be from hazzard county
    the rainman....only has one thing on his mind
  19. i'll just go hide in a corner...


  20. zylark..........a large bird from the old world birds, kinda :D

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