The Boondock Saints and St. Patrick's Day

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  1. Ok, this retard on Facebook is trying to argue with me that the Boondock Saints should be played all day for St. Patricks Day the way A Christmas Story is played for Christmas

    This idiot refuses to accept defeat no matter how many points I make that the Boondock Saints has NOTHING to do with St. Patricks day other than a 5 minute scene and the fact that it's set in Ireland with Irish characters.

    It's like saying they should play Boys in the Hood, Juice, State Property, Don't be a Menace in South Central while Drinking your Gin and Juice, and American Gangster should be played all February because they are about black characters and a small part of Black culture.

    I've got nobody else backing me up on this, so please tell me if you think that logically the Boondock Saints has any relevance to St. Patricks Day. I think Beerfest has more to do with St. Patricks day then this movie. I'm Irish and so I respect the actual meaning of St. Patricks day and not just another reason for people to get shit faced wasted and act stupid, so that was a bit of a joke but still true.
  2. I think Im going to watch the Boondock Saints now

    Who gives a fuck man? Its a good movie. So what if it doesnt "embody the spirit of saint paddies" or some hippie shit like that?
  3. I wore my boondock saints shirt today. So yea I agree with facebook retard
  4. i watched it today because its st.patty's day and i love that movie.

  5. The key point is this kid is always saying stupid shit and no matter what facts I present to him he always thinks he's right, he's one of those arrogant know it all's who thinks he's the shit.

    I agreed with him it's an awesome movie, my point is that it doesn't relate to St. Patricks day in any way the way "A Christmas Story" relates DIRECTLY to Christmas.

  6. Ya don't say.
  7. We put on a play in primary school (age 5/6) about st paddy and what he did for Ireland.

    ...I was a sheep.
  8. Since you know so much about this, tell me something

    What does booze have to do with it? Was this saint guy a drunk?
  9. can't we all just get along?
  10. well thats pretty stupid- i can see his reasoning though

    it goes something like this:

    an idiot likes a movie
    he sees they're irish

    luckily for him idiots are not bound by the laws of logic otherwise he could have really hurt himself.

  11. cuuuttteee!
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    In American culture it doesn't matter what holiday it is, it's an excuse to get drunk. It could be "National Sobriety Day" and people would go out and get drunk for it. That's if that's what your referring to.

    edit: and I never said I know so much about it, but I damn sure know it's not "get drunk day"

    If your referring to why do people drink, its because of the lifting of the restrictions of Lent, thats how it originated at least, eating and drinking, a day of feasting
  13. Well they should at least have it on today

  14. This I can get down with. I just don't think there should be a marathon like Boondock Saints is the classic representation of the spirit of St. Patty's day. Maybe if every year people got drunk and then starting killing mafia members spec-ops style.
  15. If you want a movie, watch The Quiet Man, where John Wayne returns to Ireland and then a bunch of other crap happens. I love that movie though.

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