the boomer thread

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  1. show some love for the shrooms
  2. getting an o tomorrow for the weekend, camping:):smoking:
  3. nice man

    my buddy is supposed to be getting a qp sometime this week

    wooo free shrooms
  4. Nice, My mono tub of Camodians has another 2-4 days left...

    They look fucking great. Had an awesome pinset.

    I'm looking at a QP dry, possibly.
  5. lol i might get some in macintosh county this weekend
  6. love

    5 characters
  7. first time shroomer:)

    shrooms are SO expensive in my area, but idc, i want to try them SO BAD

  8. dont do them, ,

    unless your ready to feel better than ever!
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    shroomin right now!!! im fryin balls:D

    damn do i love these beasts! i gotta go eat me some more.

  10. nice man.

    me and my buddy are thinking about ordering some spores and doing a little pf tek grow.
  11. i think im shrooming this weekend!
  12. lol hahaha i was waiting for an epic twist.
  13. picked up an ounce of bayou's last night. these mushrooms are so good! havent had bayou's in days..

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