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Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by mmnmdomg, Oct 8, 2010.

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    I've been smoking god's green goodness for quite some time now, as have a large chunk of my friend group. Being competitive guys we've decided to think of a way to have our own "Bong Olympics," and finally crown someone the Ganj-Master. Here's a list of a few events we thought up, but I'm basically posting to get any ideas for smoking events where a winner can be determined.

    -Biggest Bong Rip (self explanitory, bring a scale.)

    -Fastest Bowl/Joint/whatever the hell you want

    -The Pasty-thon (whoever drinks first)

    -Joint rolling competition (biggest, fastest)

    I dunno, any ideas welcome.

  2. Sigh. Why does everything have to be a challenge?
  3. nothing HAS to be a challenge, OP just thinks it would be fun, that's all. i would totally participate in this shit, even though i'd probably lose
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    Exactly, just a good time with the bros hangin out and gettin stoned. I like to compete. And I like to smoke weed. All i want to do here is mix the two together. It's not that uncommon, they have a cannabis cup every year in Amsterdam do they not?

  5. Care to elaborate?
  6. how bout most snaps in like 2 mins or something
  7. Last Man Standing ( pick a desired amount to be ripped per pack, consistently rip pack after pack until there is one man left alive lol)
  8. Sounds like an easy way to blow a lot of weed. There's quite a few smokers that could smoke way too much in this competition lol.

  9. haha i was under the impression that it didnt matter if u blew thru some herb, in that case i wuld not go ahead with that plan lol
  10. The cannabis cup is just where shops and growers get together then their weed is judged and they are awared, they don't have weird smoking competitions.
  11. the point of a competition is to go all out. its not an everyday thing. the world cup is every 4 years and they blow sooooo much money on that.

    Gravity bong iron man:

    set up a bunch of gravity bongs, each being larger than the next, until the last container is just ridiculous. Then do it to it, round by round until all but one just cant do anymore.

    you can set up the timing in between rounds based on the tolerance of everyone present and how far you all expect to get.
  12. If its a Bong Olympics than you should assume alot of weeds gonna be burned. And for the pasty-thon its just who can go the longest without taking a drink while you're smoking. Or include those rules into another game. If you have ever played the drinking game sociables there's something called a bathroom card, only the person with the bathroom card can take a piss. A good idea would be some kind of weed card game too. Like only the person with a drink card can drink. Or include it into the biggest rip competition and make it if you take a drink you lose or you only get one more try at the biggest hoot after you drink or something. Because we all know that when you're taking big ass bong rips it's gonna make you one thirsty mofo.
  13. I totally agree with this guy. Such a sick idea. And to the guy that said shit about competition. come on a little. Its fun dude. Plus...u get to show up yoru friends :D
  14. you're obviously gonna get mad cottons during this. first one to drink loses
  15. [ame=]YouTube - Urban Grower Hemp Olympics 2009 Iron Grower's Part 1[/ame]
  16. Great idea! you shouldnt restrict it to just bongs though, i think blunts/joints should be involved too.

    -most joints to dome

    -quickest dome blunt

    -this one works for all methods of smoking i suppose...suicides until theres only one person left

  17. Fastest smoking an ounce of reggie. You have to be a beast to not puke after a zip of shitty weed
  18. Here's a few idea I came up with for events:

    Bong Dancing - You must take a hit and dance around the room with said bong (Judges award 1-10 points)

    Dueling - Players take turns taking hits and blowing the hit into eachothers face. The person who can't take it anymore/passes out is out.

    Build-a-bong - Players have 5 minutes to find parts and build a bong/pipe from anything that can be found in the house/apt/playing area. Points given for creativity and how well it works. Points deducted for lameness, failure to work, etc.
  19. hot boxing for an ammount of time in a small rooom like a bathroom with a few sessions.

    stike outs where you take a bong hit then drink beer while the hits still in your mouth

    smoke tricks?

    hooka smoke ring comp
  20. I love that idea.

    I always thought some sort of last man standing competition with a variety of pieces would be cool too. Like start out with a simple bowl and work your way up to bongs, joints, blunts, vapes, etc, etc.

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